Getting Deceived by the Same Exotic Hookup Promises Over and Over is a member of the same scamming network for dates with women from exotic countries where you are getting trapped by the promises of distant sexy ladies. This time, you are in for a treat from the Far East countries. But, how much of this is really true? Well, almost as about the same as the other foreign dating apps, such as those connecting you with women from China, Russia or Africa. A full-blown scam with expensive subscription rates!

Authenticity of

Just how much are fake dating companies ruining the hopes of nice men who like meeting a girl from abroad? It’s obvious from all websites associated with this network that the chances for real dates are miniscule. Now, if you want to meet a lady from far Asian countries have to be really aware what you’re doing on there’s plenty of space to get robbed. There are chat services, cam subscriptions as well as ridiculous and needless virtual gifts, flowers, presents and credits.

Why is a Deceitful Dating App

Let’s go step by step to see what are the following opportunities on to pay way more than you’ve ever intended to do.

No Responsibility for Supplier Services

This is nothing original, but if you’re not familiar with how things stand on hookup sites and apps, this might be the first time for you to meet with such a deceptive method. These fake hookup apps use third-party suppliers that have totally different Terms and Conditions that they present to users.  They sell specific services and apply different rules. Users who start using one of the services and subscribe to a chat account or something totally else end up getting into a contract with someone didn’t expect to. It’s just the way of circumventing responsibility. Review

Click-Baity Welcome Memberships

This is not a specific method for luring customers in. Of course, all companies use some sort of marketing methods to attract new customers and make them stay for longer. However, when you’re dealing with someone’s personal feelings or hopes, or even casual sex dates this is really insidious because people fall easily into the expectation of great hookups. They are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to talk to someone, or meet virtually a nice beautiful girl, or send her flowers and presents These are virtual gifts and do nothing for the girl even if she is real.

AsianDate Terms

Commercial Chats, Gifts and Presents

You can buy credits to use them in the commercial services for communications with these exotic ladies. Each credit gives you a certain amount of time to use it in the live chat, in the messages or in the video rooms. It’s pretty expensive –  like using around $400 for a couple of days of membership. If you’re online for longer periods during the day, you will spend this in an instant! Moreover, as it was mentioned, the gifts and the presents and the virtual flowers are nice. But why would you pay for them when you can send flowers in another way, such as from totally free websites, social networks and free applications?

Extra In-App Purchases for Credits

Be careful with the iOS application because the credit services for the users who download the application in the app store have different pricing, sells in-app services. The most important factor is that it has really poor customer ratings. You might want to check those out before you head on to download the application hoping for some nice sexy dates.

AsianDate Screenshot

Price Tag

  • 1000  virtual credits are $399.00
  • 500 virtual credits are $249.00
  • 320 virtual credits are $185.00
  • 160 virtual credits are $96.00
  • 80 virtual credits are $56.00
  • 40 virtual credits are $30.00
  • 20 virtual credits are $2.99

Busted or Trusted?

Is there a chance of meeting a girl from Indonesia, Bali, Thailand or some other exotic country like the Philippines on this website? Hardly so. Hopefully, you’ve read other reviews of the websites that promise to hook you up with Russian or Chinese girlfriends. This is not the truth. But it’s important to discover all ways that you’re being fooled.

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