OldCoolDates.com Review (Senior Singles Sex In 2024)

This is my review of OldCoolDates.com, a dating site for older folks. Some people think, it’s too late by then. Is it too late to date when you’re over 60? I don’t think so! Considering the number of dating sites about senior singles popping out of nowhere on the internet lately I think that you have even better chances of dating as a senior than when you’re younger.

The younger population nowadays has no pizzazz (or balls) so they don’t take the chance and the opportunities they can find. But if you’re over 50 or 60 then you know your drill. You have some life lessons and you’re into the game. But is every website about senior dating you can find online worth the trouble? Of course not. My task in today’s OldCoolDates.com review is to disclose the truth. I will let you know whether you should bother with this site at all and create an account. Let’s go with the results of my review – pros and cons – one by one.

OldCoolDates.com Review for +60

What can you expect on this website? It is specialized for people over 60 years of age. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t join the site if you are younger. They have designated categories for younger men seeking older women and for younger women seeking older men. 

If you belong to any age category, you can consider this website as your online dating option for meeting senior singles.

Not Specialized in Adult Dating 

What I find problematic is that is not related to adult dating. It seems like a mainstream general dating website that deals with a larger universal audience. Moreover, it tends to be on the classy side, which makes it more expensive. Later, when you see the membership fees, you will agree that that must be the truth.

If you want a site that works to find fellow Seniors, check out Sassy Seniors.

What I Don’t Like About OldCoolDates.com?

There is one thing I specifically focus on when I do adult dating and general dating site reviews. You can probably guess what is that based on your previous visits. It is the existence of fake or fictitious profiles.

There are no specific mentions of fake profiles on OldCoolDates.com, but if you carefully read the Terms and Conditions, you will see that there are computer-made messages (automated messages) created by the site for members. 

Computer-made Messages called Flirtcasts

The automatic messages are also called Flirtcasts. You can send and obviously receive them as templates. 

Allegedly, the purpose of these messages is to make stuff easier for people who don’t know what to say in online chats. It creates an artificial atmosphere and you don’t even know if you’re dealing with a real person. Sorry to say, but I wouldn’t use a website that uses this type of message. You can’t tell the difference between a real and a fake person. 

If you decide to send Flirtcasts for yourself, you also lose your chances to date someone decent. People easily recognize these messages and don’t reply at all. Moreover, you have to pay for them.

How Much Will OldCoolDates.com Cost You?

Memberships are split into free and paid memberships. The free membership gives you just the basic subscription features. You will have nothing really special to see and you’re not able to communicate with other members.

Of course, if you want to boost your profile or benefit from some of the specific features (I don’t see how?) you can buy one of the paid memberships, including 1, 3, or 6-month memberships, which are quite pricey. 

I never agree with using paid services on dating websites unless you’re convinced there is excellent value for money. To persuade me, I have to start using the website for a bit and see if it works for me.

Shortly, if you can’t use it and you only get the basic features, I don’t see what’s the point. You shouldn’t waste any time on this website even if it promises to be the absolute delivery of the senior dating dream you always wanted.

OldCoolDates.com Review: Does Search by Location Work on Small Websites?

It looks like you can search Old Cool Dates by location. Just try to go with one of the location links to see that they don’t make any difference. Such disclosure makes me think that there are not really that many members on this website.

To find someone, you better go somewhere else and type the age you want to date. Just give a range on your profile. You can find websites with several hundred thousand of members and even millions of members. They will have the age range you are interested in.

Remember to use your dating senses – those you had when you were in your 20s or 30s. Maybe young people can learn something from you in the dating arena if you play your moves smart and your cards right!

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