Avenue X Review

Today’s review is about AvenueX.com My first impression is that this site is pretty protected. The first thing you see is the signup screen and the warning screen. You must agree that you’re over the legal age and then complete a decently long sign up procedure. If you don’t sign up you’ll be only able to access the message boards, which is nothing much, I must say. Let’s see what else can we include in this Avenue X review!

Where to Find Real Avenue X Reviews?

One thing to remember is not to mix the AvenueX for adult dating and escort entertainment with other “avenue x” businesses on the web. If you read the reviews for those companies you get a mixed impression about what the site is all about. You’d better stay away from that and stick to feedback which actually includes something more about the escorts and the way the site works.

So when do we start with this Avenue X review?

  1. Online Members

First, there is a menu about who is on the online member directory, where you can see what members are currently using the page. Next, you can see a list of all the guests. It seems there are a lot of guests. but they’re not taking really any action.

  1. Search Post

Under the “search post” section you get to use several search filters. The first one is location, and then you can apply the additional criteria.

  1. Member Directory

The most interesting section is the actual member directory, which should include the girls. This is where my attention goes stuck to. Unfortunately, these sections were pretty empty. There were no contact details, no locations, and no photos. I was pretty disappointed about what Avenue X offered.

  1. User Profiles

avenue x review user profile 2 avenue x review user profile 3 avenue x review user profile

I did the same procedure with all the other profiles. Of course, it was not a big surprise for me to see that they were all empty. Some of them have never even logged in to check what’s happening on the site, which means it Avenue X is a pretty empty space. Regardless of the chance to place your ad or hopes to find someone to get laid for free you won’t have great success here.

  1. No Content

Most of the Avenue X Reviews made by users have no content. Even if you go and search on the forum, which includes topics like “X discussions”, “X dating” and “X member boards” you see that they’re not really that many topics. In fact, the exact amount is zero! Yes, you heard that correct –  there are zero forum posts. So although there over 15,000 members you won’t be able to see anything relevant to our topics.

AvenueX.com Review Capstone

There is nothing much to explore, examine, or investigate in this Avenue X review. I don’t have much to write about because AvenueX.com is almost like an empty page which won’t offer any chances to get laid for free. I suggest you don’t waste your time in places that are like the big black void. You may get lost!

Oh, and if you’re wondering if there are other sites like Avenuex.com that are out there to simply scam you, then you’re 100% right! Many sites like UtopiaGuide.com and other escort agencies as well as directories have completely failed in every sense of the way.

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