Rubmaps Review: Lessons I Learned from a Site Tour

This Rubmaps review will uncover all secrets that you wanted to know about massage parlors and user-generated reviews about them. The Rubmaps site has links to hundreds of shady places for rubs, manual releases, and massages which claim to be something and turn out to be something completely different. Stick with me to find out the truth.

rubmaps review


Why Do I Have Issues with Rubmaps? Review Tips

Everyone loves a great massage. And why wouldn’t they? Especially if it results in a happy ending – that sweet favor at the end that sometimes comes as a nice surprise and, more or less, as an expectation. But massage salons can hide plenty of illegal activities. So users want to know what they are getting themselves into and what they can expect when they book a service. With so much free sex available on dating apps, I recommend avoiding them. 

A Word of Caution

But if you’re still curious about Rubmaps, let me tell you about the features on this website. Also I’ll try to explain why I don’t think that this link platform has only user-generated reviews. 

Let’s not forget that “curiosity killed the cat” and that if you want to try one of these services in person you should be extremely careful. Pay attention to where you go and how you behave because you can get in plenty of trouble.

Rubmaps Report Unveils Terms and Conditions Issues 

Why don’t I like the Terms and Conditions? First of all, because there are no guarantees that the side:

  1. Does any background checks
  2. Provide any verification or guarantee for who submits the reviews 
  3. Assures about veracity and legitimacy

In fact, you can see the description that the site is for entertainment purposes only. Once you open the site, you’re on your own. 

You have to investigate each of the links to the massage parlors individually, including:

  1. Checking the location to see if a genuine massage parlor is in question
  2. Compare the place on a map
  3. Explore the link to the website
  4. Look for additional independent reviews, and more.

Want to find casual dates and and no string sex? There’s no need to look for it on places that don’t offer any guarantee – there are hundreds of verified sex dating sites that can provide the same, if not more.

But let’s go back to the issues with Rubmaps.

VIP Memberships

The story of Rubmaps is that you get better services if you purchase one of the memberships. However, they will cost you a lot, and you still don’t get what you deserve for your money. Options are monthly and annual VIP membership which costs $149. For that money, you can buy a hookup site membership

Website Links

Once you click on the homepage, you will think this is the heaven of massage parlor websites. But, after a deeper investigation, it looks to me this is only information pulled and put from Google which doesn’t really certify its credibility. There is no additional in-depth information about what you can expect on the website. 

A photo from the front door of the parlor, really? Is that good enough for a guarantee, not to mention a linked Google map excerpt? Not for me, and shouldn’t be good enough for you if you want to reduce the risk you’re taking in your casual dating life.

Links to Escort Rubmaps Reviews

Just click on the link under the “escort reviews” to find out all you need to know. You will be taken to a completely different site called ‘Erotic Monkey” which has many problems on its own because it’s an escort-related website. But that’s the story about a different review altogether.

Forum Sex Tales

There are interesting stories in the forum for entertainment but they won’t serve the main purpose, which is getting laid with hot girls ASAP (and possibly every day from now going forward).

Rubmaps Report Analysis Closure

Apart from the issues I’ve mentioned already, the main problem I’ve identified in this Rubmaps review is that the site makes you pay to read the reviews. No genuine website offers such services. You shouldn’t be paying for anything similar if you ask me. Finally, you can do whatever you want, but if you decide to pay, remember that there are no guarantees again as the site’s Terms and Conditions state clearly on many occasions throughout the content.

Final Note: One of the alternatives to Rub Maps is the Fling network. There are girls (and guys) who are members here that have a fetish for rubbing people down. If you’re interested in learning more, you need to visit and see what they have to offer.

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