Dating Site Will Put You Into A Fraud Spin

We can keep it short and sweet or long and in-depth with, but the end result will, nevertheless, be the same. We are dealing with one of the worst scams presented by sites for adult personals, available in a dozen of similar versions with varied names, yet still using the same tricks for people who are not knowledgeable in hookup sites. Nautell, the business behind this falsified network does it again by offering this platform for “cheaters”.


When you register for free, you may think that is is all over on Free Cheaters Hookup, and that you can start arranging one night stands and get a boost to your sex dating life. However, things are not as simple as presented on this fraudulent network because not only you can’t do anything else but browse profiles which may not even be real, but also need to undertake extra cumbersome and questionable steps that may not exactly get you what you want. Here is what else you will need to do in order to have a chance of sending instant messages:

  • Submit a mobile number to receive hookup texts & alerts (not mandatory but preferred and dangerous since it may result in new costs)
  • Verify your account
  • Edit and update your profile
  • Upload your photos (stay on guard – they become a property of
  • Upgrade to gold membership if you want to get into action

Why is a Fraudulent Adult Dating Site can remove your membership at any time, and this is right you give to this deceptive hookup site just as you register and it remains valid for as long as they exist. The situation is the same despite the fact that you have paid for a membership or got one for free:

Free Cheaters Hookup membership termination

Normally, just when you register, it becomes immediately obvious that you are not getting laid for free. This huge prompt screen will strike you right in your face when you start browsing through the profiles and try to arrange a hookup date. As you can see below, gold upgrades are necessary to do anything that resembles a sex dating activity:

Free Cheaters Hookup gold

However, this huge screen is only a small section of what you are really getting yourself into. When you see these flashy letters, namely with amazing discounts, and, more to the point, you are all horny and ready to get laid, you may just miss on this “small” detail  – what you are really paying for on is not only around $30 per month. It will actually amount to about $120!

Free Cheaters Hookup vip membership

An additional problem that may jeopardize your safety and privacy is the “no control policy” over third-party websites and the fact that Nautell will use your data to create as many people on the network hookup sites:

Specifically, you agree and acknowledge that your profile and related information and content may be utilized and displayed on other sites which are owned by related companies or authorized services providers (“Network websites”). You also agree that FreeCheatersHookup and related companies and authorized services providers may contact you through information manifested through the Website and Services via email, SMS, or otherwise… 

And last but not least, did I mention that you will be “entertained” by fabricated profiles called Love Stars? Generated by computer software, they have nothing to do with real persons, they are all over the member’s area, they will try to contact you and sell you upgrades, you won’t be able to reply back nor meet any of these women that are a part of the fictitious profiles:

You understand, acknowledge, and agree that no physical meeting will ever take place between you and LS, and that the exchange of messages between you and a LS is for entertainment purposes, as well as to encourage further or broader participation in our site’s Services and/or to monitor user activities. Notwithstanding the above, the user is not guaranteed a response to any message sent to a LS (or another user)

Price Tag

  • $49.95 for monthly membership to
  • $39.61 for VIP membership to Vibe Video
  • $28.87 for VIP membership to Video Erotic

Busted or Trusted?

Is there anyone who wants to pay $120 for fake women? When you notice that you are being scammed it is already too late because this fake adult dating site has nothing to do with pure apps and will not provide refunds for the already provided duration. In the end, they will say that all facts are nice and clearly stated in the Terms and Conditions, which, by some criteria, is only half-true, but it will work if you don’t pay attention.

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