OrientBeauties.net Tricks You Into Thinking That it is Original: AsianDate.com Links Detected

Have you heard about the network of Anastasia Date companies? If you haven’t, your best bet is to go through this review and understand the methods of these so-called hookup services for meeting foreign women. OrientBeauties.net is one of its fraudulent websites with plenty of fake photos from oriental women. It is evident right from the start that the girls on OrientDates.net are just a bunch of stock photos which have been photoshopped. However, many guys sometimes have difficulties recognizing this and get the membership, paying a high amount of money for that. Let’s see if we can help you to avoid being that guy!

OrientBeauties.net Review Reveals All

OrientBeauites.net has only a new name. Nothing else is new. The rest is associated with AsianDate.com, their first fake platform for connecting western guys with hotties from the eastern countries – or, far Asian countries. You can get your confirmation for the connection by taking a look at the snapshots taken from the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy on OrientBeauties.net. They are all identical with the content on AsianDate.com. But, this is not unusual when Anastasia dating is concerned. They tend to choose a particular geographical area and re-create several adult dating websites, knowing what is attractive for their users.

Why is OrientBeauties.net a Copycat Hookup Site

Let us look at the visual proof of the scam performed by OrientBeauties.net and what you need to keep in mind to stay as safe as possible.

Female Members Can Pull From the Site Membership at Any Given Moment

It is not very strange that chicks get it easier on this adult apps. I have seen more than one offering free memberships for ladies and charging men. Well, it is about the same situation here, where the girls can stop communicating whenever they want to, and guys do not get this privilege. If this is not fishy, I don’t know what it! It may be justifying the rumors about the pranks committed by these foreign-directed hookup platforms. The claims are that they engage women to interact with members and make them upgrade, then vanish into thin air. So men are left with a number of spent credits and empty pockets:

orientbeauty.net terms

OrientBeauties.net aka AsianDate.com Has Dubious 3-Party Suppliers

Watch out where you sign up for or what links you click. This practice can be very dangerous on adult dating sites that do not take into consideration the quality of the partners they collaborate with. And here is the evidence of this faulty practice used by OrientBeauties.net:

more terms

Proof that OrientBeauties.net works via Several Copied Dating Apps

In the end of this review of critical arguments which are not in favor of the hookup scam executed by the member of the Anastasia Date network, have a look at the list of websites that are in line with the faulty tactic. You may just be able to save a dollar or two for credits if you don’t get a paid upgrade in one of the several other spookily unsafe hookup apps:

charges in details

Price Tag

No standard monthly fees – membership and usage is based on purchased credits.

Busted or Trusted?

Anything that has the tag Anastasia included in its products has been put on the list of fake dating apps discovered by Adult Dating Patrol. We have no doubts that getting in touch with real Asian beauties is impossible on OrientBeauties.net since they are all just a bunch of falsified images not related to real people. It may just be less expensive to land a trip to Bali to get what you need in person.

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  1. No way I am going to use another site that comes with these so-called foreign chicks,.I’ve been badly scammed in the past and I can smell a fraud ages miles ahead!


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