How to Save Your Money on Scam Revealed

Call it, Access, or Friends, you get the same results. This sex dating application is not the one you want to join if you want to keep your money. For a one-night stand, there is nothing better than a booty call from your friends’ list to put you into a fever more pronto. Almost anyone looking for hookup sites would want to get the candy without too much hassle or high subscriptions. The scam of is not going to be friendly for your wallet. Make sure to read more below and find out why.


Apart from being a copycat of all Together Networks adult dating websites, this site gives a plethora of false promises that have no place in reality. All looks nice in the world of stories, commercials, and fake advertising claims, yet it is full of awful scammy tricks with upgrade prompts on every step”

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  2. Completely new dating experience chock-full with adventures with the right matches
  3. A bountiful choice of superb looking girls
  4. Multiple modern advanced features for quick naughty dates and wild casual sex

Why is a Fake Hookup App

We have met with other companies that use a similar method as Together Networks does. They typically create a bunch of landing pages using the same template and theme, while changing it randomly to cover up what is truly happening behind in the membership area. In the Terms and Conditions, this company admits that they own a group of partner sites and that they use your information on all of them. This is how you will see your photo or profile description uploaded on a similar hookup site and have difficulties in the registration and log out procedure

Naughty Fever together networks

Naughty Fever will sell you paid SMS messages if you want to communicate by phone for setting hookup dates. Contrary to the regulations that refer to the basic subscription fees, these extra costs are non-refundable. Guess what? has a way to get on your nerves by offering a service and then flashing an upgrade box into your face.

Naughty access sms packages

When you pay the subscription cost, pay attention that the renewal gets on automatically and that all you will get is some false sensational statements with no real success for hooking up because the site’s purpose is only for entertainment, sending messages, sharing photos without any casual sex guarantees:

Unless cancelled, your 3-day trial membership plan will automatically convert to our monthly package after the end of your 3-day trial period at the full price of $36.41.

Price Tag

The presented fees are as follows:

  • $4.47 for a 3-day trial
  • $34.99 for a monthly membership
  • $59.97 for a three-month membership
  • $95.94 for a six-month membership

However, the real fees when you need to submit your credit card are even higher:

Naughty Fever fees 2

Busted or Trusted?

We have busted to the core. The verdict of the team in Adult Dating Patrol is in favor of a 99% fake hookup site decision. We will leave that one percent for someone who knows better to dissuade us or, just for reasons of humility, modesty and a space for errors. If you think there is some, shout in the comments section!

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