Scam Facts About That Will Instantly Wake You Up

It has been a perennial truth that married women often get lonely. This is when they start looking for sex outside of their marriages. Typically, a great place to look for no-strings-attached sex would be online dating communities.Does this mean that the online world is bursting with wife-rich places that are desperate to get laid? More or less, but especially not in the case of We checked and double-checked the service and we warn you to stay away from it!


While online dating services may really be the easiest way for bored housewives to get free and easy sex without risking to get caught, this time we encountered a website that it is a big fail and that in no way is going to provide what you hope for. One of the oldest and most common false methods is in play – and that is using fabricated virtual profiles, whose only intention is to entertain new users encouraging them to stay longer and pay more. On top of everything else, your privacy is restricted, you provide full access to your account and you can not ask for a refund. Let’s look into this in more detail.

Why is a Fake Adult Dating Site

  • You give total access to your account to the site.

It is normal that any service provider has some sort of control over your data on their website if nothing else, then for functional purposes and for administration. However, on, the subject matter in question is something totally else – your data gets used for business purposes. Free dating is a fantasy because content from your profile can be deleted at any time. Images await the same destiny, as long as the site managers think that you have something that should not be there. If you have a look at the quote below, you will notice that this is done without notices, warnings, and prior consent.

Lonely Wives Affairs account access

  • Refunds are impossible.

Not only can you not return the subscription fee, but you are also responsible for any taxes or additional costs that are not mentioned in the subscription packages. We can never understand how can a company claim that your money turns into a non-monetary value once you pay the subscription. This is scammy truth-twisting and a sign of articulate fraudsters:

  • uses fabricated profiles.

So far, we are positive that you know a lot about fake virtual profiles that are created by the majority of fake dating websites with the purpose of ripping you off. Their working practice is simple  – they are employees or fictitious persons who look and sound genuine but their intentions are not so. Find out more aabouttheir tasks by reading this below section from the Terms of Use:

Lonely wives affairs Online Flirts

  • Your data gets shared with third-party providers.

The protection of your data on corresponds only with the policy of the main site. Anything accessed via someone else is not supported by the site regulations – you are on your own. So, when you click links or check content from third-party providers, you may get burned. These sites have their own ways of collecting data and may put you in various risky situations.

Lonely Wives Affairs third-party access

Price Tag

  • $29.95 for the monthly membership plan
  • $59.95 for the three-month plan (the monthly fee, in this case, is $19.95.

Both renew for $29.95 after the initial subscription period.

Busted or Trusted

The fabricated profiles are definitely no desperate housewives. The only thing that is going to end desperately by joining is your bank account. We suggest keeping your eyes open and staying in alert mode all the time while you hang out on this site. You can avoid the rip-off altogether by looking for fun with married women somewhere else. We agree milfs are hot, but fake milfs are stone cold. is the ultimate rip-off.

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