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We have been preparing for a while to take a tour of Following your requests and reports, we put the site under investigation to find out if false claims are true. The saying “Where there is smoke, there is fire” has never been truer. Even if you don’t read this full review, you will easily discover similar alternatives online. In any case, we registered, checked the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy to see what you are putting yourself into. On top of that, we did a subscription research and checked upon site security.


First and foremost, exists only on the opening screen. Once you scratch beneath the surface (meaning register and start checking the member’ directory) you will uncover the truth – the members of are the same members of Local Booty database serves as the directory for other fraudulent sites, too. Here is the signup screen that shows up after registration is complete:

Horny Matches Local Booty

Why is an Illegitimate Dating Service

Aside from being just a subsite of, you can rest assured that we checked other resources as well. Let’s go and inspect those moments one by one:

  • There are plenty of poor reviews on

Not only there are several poor reviews on dating sites, there are numerous complaints from unhappy consumers. Sites that work on collecting consumer’s information include negative experiences from scammed customers. If you have time to follow these links and click them one by one, you will uncover even more about the fraudulent workings of

Horny Matches reviews

  • Your personal safety is not guaranteed.

Normally, you cannot expect from an online dating provider to be your 100-percent protection from online dating risks. However, when you are personally accountable in full for your actions, you cannot feel especially comfortable to date and lose your restrictions. By registering on this site you are actually accepting the site Terms of Use and taking overall responsibility for everyone’s action, including all persons you are contacting and who contact you.

Horny Matches liability release

  • will make you agree on automatic fee changes.

This is another automatic provision that comes along the registration on the site, If you don’t read the documents, you will never know that you agreed to this. You give permission for automatic charging of your credit card, even when memberships change – meaning go up and higher. This is why you should be very careful of what is happening on the site before you sign up for anything:

Horny Matches card authorization

  • is not technically secure.

If you expect some advanced security mechanisms, we must disappoint you. There is nothing like that on Not only there is no some security certificate, but you are also warned to stay aware from all online nuisances, such as viruses, worms, malicious software and other infected tech stuff.

Horny Matches site software security

Price Tag

  • Gold subscription:
    • $17.49 per month for 4 months in a single amount of $69.95, renewing for $34.95.
    • $34.95 per month for the monthly subscription.
  • Silver subscription:
    • $19.98 per month for 3 months in a single amount of $59.95, renewing for $29.95/
    • $29.95 per month for the monthly subscription.

Busted or Trusted

From what we have presented so far, it is obvious that we are not recommending joining to find a casual date. The site shouts scam big time. Adult Dating Patrol is certain that you won’t need too much persuasion to stay away after you have read this. In case you are not convinced, read our other reviews connected to Perhaps those will be enough to change your mind and make you less prone to risk. You have been warned!

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 Comments 3 comments

  • Grayson says:

    I already have a membership on Local Booty. I need to cancel it pronto. No wonder it didn’t work out!

  • Dave says:

    I used from 2011 to 2013 and it yielded a number of real encounters with real women, some of whom wanted to continue hooking up. But now I tried to sign up again and the sign up page gets blocked by a sign up page which won’t let you say no. So it seems the site has really gone down hill since five years ago.

  • Dave D. says:

    Yeah, never amounted to anything. It was just entertainment value. It seemed only one possibility (in Riverside,CA.) amounted to anything but, alas, it developed the “hissy” attitude (whatever it was) so; I switched Banks & that stopped billings & that was the end of THAT! Just went-back to “entertainment mode” with-it until I recently noticed GoDaddy had the domain up for sale & I was refrrred HERE, when I Googled: “What happened to”

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