Should You Start Stressing About Scam Exposed

While older people may constitute the majority of the online dating community, younger people like to date for casual sex, too. In fact, so many service providers are offering new dating tools and applications for the youngsters that we can never be too careful. Yes, younger people are not so easily tricked with technicalities but their hot-headedness is their weak spot. This is why many fraudulent service providers use this weakness and create fake tools for students and other young people. is one of them and we are here to expose its insincere methods.


One of the main reasons we are doing this business is the thing with the automated content. There are so many advanced software packages capable of impersonating real people that it is just normal if you get stressed. Younger people, and students especially, are well aware of these scams and are thus more careful.

Nevertheless, when finals strike and when the deadlines get tight, the attention span gets shorter. On top of everything, students need to deal with raging hormones. Put a fake, dishonest company in the same place, and you are just a few steps closer to a huge scam. This scam in disguise has a few hints in the site documents. If you understand the language of policy documents, you may be able to expose it. Otherwise, you are totally roasted.

Why is a Fake Dating Website

Let’s look into the reasons of why we put among the fraudsters.

  • uses computer-generated content made by Online Flirts.

To excite you, amuse you, and to take you into purchasing an upgrade, you will be entertained by phony profiles called Online Flirts. The phony profiles send messages which simulate real conversation just to check one person’s potential for action on the site. Once they discover someone who is genuine and has honest intentions, they will try to encourage this user into buying an expensive upgrade. So, while the poor student may think that he is talking to a cute exchange from abroad, he is more likely to share intimacy secrets with a virtual bot.

Flirting Students computer generated content

  • Changes to privacy policy are made without warning.

Most good quality service providers give notices when they change the type and the content of the services. The typical way to inform users about these changes is via email. Accepting an email is a binding agreement. But if you agree to ad hoc changes by registering for the site, then you can become a subject to the scam in no time. The site Terms & Conditions explicitly state that changes are made without warning  – so, there you go – no warning.

  • Premium discounts can be changed without notice.

Premium fees usually include discounts. This is the way to gain new customers. However, the way to keep new customers is to give them standard quality service with good prices. This is certainly not the case here – your discount can be removed from your subscription plan with the next change. Having in mind that renewals are automatic, this scammy site will use this freedom to charge you more in the future, when you become accustomed to the site and forget about your subscription plan.

Flirting Students changes to premium membership

  • Third parties are authorized to charge your credit card.

By registering for this site you give rights to the partners of to charge your credit card for providing services, Still, they do not use the same policy as the main site and you must pay attention to each and every one of them when you click on their links.If you don’t pay attention, you can automatically agree to a lot more that you have bargained for.  

Flirting Students third party credit card authorization 

Price Tag

  • $29.95  for a 1-month  renewing for $29.95 per month
  • $59.95  for a 3-month subscription in total renewing for $19.98 per month

Busted or Trusted

Although we don’t expect as many students to fall for the scam on, it may still be the case for someone with wild hormones to get into the trap. When you are a student and on a budget, those charges can seem huge. Adult Dating Patrol helps you avoid that by getting some things into the open.

Here is a summary of the most stressful things on you should keep an eye on – refrain from clicking on third-party links unless you are absolutely sure what you are doing; pay attention to your card statement to notice overcharging on time; check if you are talking to a real girl or to a fake bot by asking some smart questions and don;t unveil saucy intimate details online.

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