NSA Dating Guide Review: Cool Hookup Tips and Scam Unveiling

One of the simplest ways to get laid without a hassle is knowing how to pick the right dating website. Unfortunately, there are so few reliable casual dating sites that NSA dating is becoming a real problem. That said, it has always been a problem. But since new sites show up like mushrooms after the rain you need to be very careful when choosing one. It’s useful to have a few good picks each time you want to have one-night stands without searching endlessly. This NSA Dating Guide Review contains several such resources to help you find hookups and date online with ease.

NSADatingGuide.com Review: Hookups Only!

Finally, we get to see a casual dating site that includes only hookups. We got tired of mixed reviews that don’t lead anywhere if you like dating for fun. If you want to know the best resources, always look for experienced reviewers. Check the Adult Dating Patrol guise and compare it to other good reviews found on the web. There is some good material in the NSA Dating Guide reviews, especially if you pay attention to how to distinguish between good hookups sites and scams.


How to Tell if a Dating Site is a Scam (According to NSA Dating Guide Review Criteria)

So many promises about numerous hookups on multiple dating sites and you still have no success? No, there is nothing wrong with you. Usually, when people can’t find casual dates on more than one website, the problem is located in three places:

  1. The site is a total scam with fake profiles and expensive memberships
  2. Your profile is full o lies and doesn’t show your best qualities
  3. Your communication style needs polishing

Regardless of what is the issue, there are plenty of resources out there that share some good tips on each of these problems, and NSA Dating Guide reviews are no different. This site uses a practical method to assess whether you stand a chance to find hookups.

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As they say, the truth is in numbers. These are the best criteria to see if a site really works:

  • Sent messages
  • Received replies
  • Planned dates
  • Showed dates
  • Hookups

The more success you have with each of these stages of casual dating, the better a site is. As you can see, you need to cast a wide net to achieve success. Don’t hold for one or two messages, give it a go with more dates. That’s why online hookup sites exist for – to test many opportunities without too much risk and spending money on drinks!

NSA Dating Guide Says These Are the Best and the Worst 5 Hookup Sites

You can read more about how they’ve come up to this conclusion on the website. But if you want to have a quick look at their selection, here is the pick for the top 5 best sites according to the above criteria:

  • #1: XXXConnect
  • #2: FuckBookNet
  • #3: AdultFriendFinder
  • #4: NoStringsAttached
  • #5: GetItOn

You can test your luck with these casual dating sites. However, our experience says that some of them perform poorly and that you have much better options for guaranteed success.

The Worst Hookup Sites: Total Scams

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Wrap-up about the NSA Dating Guide Review Reports

We didn’t mention anything about the NSA Dating Guide blog, but here are the most common topics you can explore there:

  • Why You Should Insist on Video Chat Instead of Pictures
  • Why “NSA” Isn’t Always Going to Stay “NSA”
  • What to Do When Conventional Dating Stops Doing it for You
  • What to Do if She’s Fatter Than She Looked in Her Pictures
  • What to Do if She Calls You by another Guy’s Name

These titles are very useful since they are rarely covered in other blogs. Therefore, along with the assessment criteria, they are the most valuable section of this review site. The rest of the content goes on both sides. If you’ve had success with the top hookup sites picked by NSA Dating Guide, let us know in the comments, so that we can improve site credibility.

If you’ve got some comments about my site as well aka the adultdatingpatrol.com site, then please do share your thoughts with us!

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