Krypton Escorts Review: Fake Student Escorts Scam

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Krypton Escorts is a young agency specializing in the placement of female students located in Germany. The company regional focus has been on Berlin, but in the future, it will also offer their services in other regions in Northern Germany. Hamburg is the focus of our initiative. What’s the truth of finding casual dates on this website? We will explain all that you need to know in this Krypton Escorts review.

Krypton Escorts Report: Is This Escort Service Genuine?

The agency says it has chosen Hamburg for its scenery and high purchasing power. However, the city also has a colorful palette of universities and educational campuses and is, therefore, a natural center for an agency that uses the slogan “Smart & Sexy Students” as its main tagline.


You can see the ladies of Krypton Escorts Hamburg here:

Krypton Escorts Review girls

The Truth Behind “Young Ladies with Charm and Intellect” Exposed

Question: Why does Krypton Escorts collaborate with students?

Argument #1

Fiction: Because escorts are more than just an erotic service. The agency claims it provides clients with ladies who are not only attractive but also have spirit and expressiveness. Evidently, they can free a stressed businessman with carefree youthful energy.

Fact: Thinking that they are in for the extra cash, it’s easy to confuse fake students for scammers and fraudsters, and get ripped off.

Argument #2

Fiction: Because many clients were students themselves. A date with a student can bring back beautiful memories or fulfill a long-cherished dream.

Fact: The typical escort user is a tourist or someone visiting from another country for business. It is unlikely that a local student would hire escorts from their own university.

Argument #3

Fiction and fact: The escort agency is curious about how the market would accept a new idea. Well, this is part fact and part fiction. It can be true, but do you like being the guinea pig for testing? Isn’t joining a hookup site a hundred times simpler? Also, an average 4.8 Krypton Escorts review score sounds unbelievable. Check this out:

Krypton Escorts Review 4.8. positive

Krypton Escorts Review: The Booking Process

The ladies listed with an escort agency consider escort as a side job. This should, supposedly, bring a little variety and adventure into their lives and help with study financing. In a big city like Hamburg, school entails significant burdens.

Escort services are not the main focus of the ladies’ lives. In order to get a definite booking, you need to book at least one day ahead, better still, several days ahead. You can book via telephone or by using an electronic booking form.

Krypton Escorts Review fees

Warning: Be careful with fees. Visit information pages to find details about fees, travel expenses, and advance payments. Beware that advance payments can pose a huge scam risk!

The Krypton Escorts Fake Promises

Long-term cooperation applies equally to both customers and partner escorts. This only works if the encounter is positive for both sides. Such an outcome cannot be planned by 100%. If you notice at the beginning of a meeting that the date simply does not work, you can break off the date and say goodbye to the lady only with an appropriate taxi fee.

So, you will still need to pay fees and advance costs even when getting nothing in return. It’s best if you avoid sites that include student escorts because they’re unreliable. Stick to legit adult dating sites. If you’re not exactly sure which those are, I’ll give you a hint on this page. Those should keep you busy for a while I think!

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