Infographic: How Much Do You Know About Sex (Stats)?

You’d say that you know a lot about sex. After all, you are following Internet resources and don’t let a thing pass by your careful gaze. But sex-wise, trends change fast. What used to be hot last year is not the top trend this year. Popular searches on porn sites just confirm this trend. People search for a variety of categories and although there are personal preferences, some tasks du jour prevail. In order to keep you up-to-date year by year, we compiled these popular sex stats for 2018 that will help you stay informed with current facts. Here are five of the most popular 2018 sex stats:  

60 percent of men and 37.8 percent of women masturbate at least once a month.

The number of men compared to the number of women in this area is almost 2 to 1. But, it’s still good to know that almost 40 percent of women enjoy the solitary activity because this means that they are actively seeking for sexual pleasure. And those seekers are the most common visitors on adult dating sites and probably comprise many of the participants of past years and 2018 sex stats surveys. Thanks to them, we get a lot of valuable and precious insights into the world of adult dating.

40 percent of women between 20 and 49 years have had anal sex.

Despite not being the typical form of sex, anal intercourse is still very popular among the most active sex generation, women aged 20 to 49. If you thought that women don’t like this activity because of some wrong assumptions, these 2018 sex stats about booty sex will definitely instill some fresh knowledge and make you more confident to turn some of your wildest fantasies come to life.

Two-thirds of men received a blowjob in the past year.

Even if oral sex is so mainstream, it seems that not everyone is getting it. About one-third of men haven’t been on the receiving end of oral sex in the last year. More or less, we can safely assume that the number is valid on annual basis. There are many ways to make the change and get more sex, and one of those is to join an adult dating site and try your luck with a woman who is into it!

Exercise-induced orgasms are a real thing.

Yup, these orgasms are also called coregasms because they happen while you tone your core at the gym. Now, although you don’t go to the gym to get an orgasm but to get fit, you wouldn’t mind meeting a girl who’s had one and chatting up about that to ask her for a drink. Be subtle and, if that fails, you can always create a profile on hookup sites that welcome gym fanatics and find your ideal sex match there.

Average sex time is 3 to 13 minutes.

Perhaps one of the lesser known 2018 sex stats is the average time of sex. Though adult movies numbers report and picture a different story, the truth is it’s quite common to have sex that lasts 3 minutes. Those hour-long sessions, even half-an-hour rounds including makeouts are not real. Moreover, they are not a favorite as both men and women don’t like having sex for that long. As it turns out, quality is more important than quantity.

Infographic: 2018 Sex Stats

Infographic 2018 sex stats

Do you think that 2018 sex stats are much different than what we’ve seen in the last couple of years? If you have something to share or if you disagree with the above stats, let us know in the comments!  

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