Dating Crew Review: Facts and Figures About Top 4 Hookup Sites

The Dating Crew consists of top 4 reviews for the US adult dating market. But it also links to other top 4 reviews for New Zealand. Australia, and the UK. The home page of Dating Crew elaborates the Dating Crew review method. From what I’ve seen, they use the same methods as the team of Adult Dating Patrol. They even have a similar name. But contrary to these similarities, I doubt the quality of the Dating Crew reviews because they have posted some of the worst dating scams among the top ones.

Dating crew Review top 4 us dating sites listing

What’s the deal with the Dating Crew? Let’s find out! Reviews of Top 4 Adult Dating Sites

The home page is about US hookup sites, and the rest of the content is about other English-speaking areas. The site has a blog, too – the usual casual dating tips and tricks. Let’s see what’s going on in each of these sections.

Best 4 US Adult Dating Sites, According to the Dating Crew

Here is the order of websites:

  • has pretty mixed online reviews, it is found under several “fuckbook” name variations, and is full of weird profiles and unrealistic hookup stories.
  • we’ve already assessed this site as a scam. It uses hookup assistants or bots to impersonate real profiles.
  • This is a classic hookup site and many consider it one of the best ones, but there are negative reviews, too. Considering how many better sites are there, ADP is not the top fan of AFF, as well.
  • Another one from the AFF sites, but with a bit more positive reputation following it. I guess if we reverse this top 4 order, the list could look more credible! is at position No.5, btw.

Top 4 Aussie Hookup Site Reviews

Again, a weird combo, having in mind that some of the best and some of the worst hookup sites covered by reviews belong to the same company

For example, Be Naughty and Get it On.

Top 5 New Zealand Sites for Casual Dating

This might be the most legit order of sites if we compare it to the lists created over long years of experience for the Adult Dating Patrol team.

Then again, maybe they only work in the kiwi land, which I find very doubtful. Once a site is good, it’s good everywhere.

What Are the Top 5 UK Hookup Apps?

You asked – you got served by the Dating Crew:


I have no idea why Hookup Cloud is on this list when there are so many indicators it can be a huge scam!

Dating Tips

This is a pretty good section. I must admit that it got me thinking about some of the tips I’ve posted because these are cool and you’ll definitely manage to have better success with getting laid if you apply them. Good luck, it’s worth reading some of the content, for example – “7 Things you should never say if you want to get laid with casual sex sites in the USA”.

Conclusion About The Dating Crew Review Team

It seems that there is a diversity of opinions on this adult dating review website, some of which I like. Other, not so much. Not sure if different people do the reviews, but I got that impression. I’d stick to the casual dating tips and act with caution while using the top 4 lists on the Dating Crew.

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