How Computer-Created Content Perpetuates the Fraud is yet another faulty website added to the list of the copied interfaces managed by Nautell network and containing the word free lifetime – the catch that seems to trip as many people as it used to do, otherwise it would haven’t been so prevalent and used by this fraudulent company. On top of everything, now we see the scam with the ‘fuckbook” thingy, too, so this is almost like a double whammy for new users. I would like to see Nautell stop attracting new flies with the same open jam jar, so I am trying to keep up reviewing their dirty tricks used on the repetitive scam strategy. I wish that followers of Adult Dating Patrol learn the workings of sites including the words free + life + time once and for all.

FreeLifetimeFuckbook Authenticity?

I think is it out of question to start talking about some authenticity related to, especially if you are aware of the drill behind the imitation of one successful rip-off scenario. For those of you who meet the scam for the first time, you may find it useful to get into more details about the fraud behind the virtual fabricated profiles, behind the electronic messaging and behind the poor privacy and liability policies. What is promised as free on the opening page is far from the truth as you living on Mars in this life.

Why us an Adult Dating Scam

Besides the promises for free usage that is almost in your face on the opening screen, you have plenty of other details to keep an eye on, if you want to keep your privacy intact, your budget safe and your time well-spent.

  • places all fees on the back of the customers.

Instead of adopting a user-friendly fee policy – such as it claims it is – free dating site for which you will never ever need to pay or visit another provider, the site puts extra unforeseen fees on customer’s back. This means that when you pay for a service, and one of the parties included in the transaction makes a move thincursrrs additional payment, such as those related to transaction admin costs, you will need to bear the extra sum:

Freeelifetime Fuckbook

  • You will get electronic communications for various purposes from the Love Stars.

The fake women created by the software on are called Love Stars and exist to perform various tasks on the site. Their first and foremost job is to engage you in a sweet chat when you join the site for the first time, and this is the place where they will have most success to rip you off. Their second but not less critical task is to send automated content for sale to get extra revenues. And their third and most insidious task is to monitor what is happening on the site. I would actually call them “love soldiers” considering the amount of policing they are engaged in.

freelifetime fuckbook electronic messaging

  • All that you give as information to the site can be shared with partner companies.

It is normal that Nautell network does not do all bits of the services by using internal means only. Partner collaboration is expected. What is not expected and a bit over the top is when your personal data is manipulated as a commodity for the site success. So, although it may be okay to use data for banking transactions and setting up your profile, it is not okay to use it for selling what you don’t need:

freelifetime fuckbook privacy sharing

Price Tag

Gold deal for
  • 2-day free trial membership
  • $49.95 for a monthly membership
VIP deal for
  • $1.96 for a 2-day trial to
  • $39.61 for each month on
  • $28.87 for each month on

Busted or Trusted

This a standard scam performed by Nautell network including all necessary details to produce multiple rip-offs from inexperienced users. It didn’t take me long to bust All it took me was just a glance of the home screen to nod my head down, sigh, roll my eyes and state that the scam is obvious. If you need more persuasion, you can always read the Terms and Conditions in detail or look for more evidence and clues in the Privacy Policy on the site. I suggest, however, that you go and check out all our reviews of the scam, have a look at the opening page, notice that famous booty in a thong and you will be even more certain in the fraudulent workings than I am.

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