Scam in Sight: Do Not Put in Your Good Books!

Adult Friend Finder network has included another dating site to its offer of scams called This time it has invested more than the average amount of efforts to produce the cajole effect, so, if you fall for the scam, at least it may not feel so painful as it does on other, less attractive dating services who are trying to dupe you with even less investment. If you are in for a shopping spree and have a lot of extra money to spend – then, by all means, gamble with your money and hope for the best. However, it might be wise if you don’t fall for all that flashy and super-active interface before you get that it is actually a lot of advertisement content.

Authenticity takes you to the link connected with Adult Friend Finder, which is undoubtedly not so weird if you compare both sites. You will find out that they have a lot in common, using the same members’ directory, similar rip-off tricks and an abundance of drop-down menus to present services, most of which are almost empty links, while those that aren’t are either used repeatedly or link to selling extra services. If you are reading our scam site reviews then you will know that almost all deceptive providers require an upgrade (never free of charge) to be able to use the basic services. On top of this basic fraud, you will be able to get scammed by a full array of extra services, including profile highlights. Profile highlights, namely, enhances your hook-up chances. With nothing to confirm this, is for sure a scam and a cleverly developed rip-off.

Why is a Fraudulent Dating Site

Let’s see how is as a subsite of brought these scammy methods to perfection:

  • uses virtual, computer-generated content.

This is how the team of Adult Dating Patrol got to the point of the automated messages – just after registration, with less than a minute, we got 4 messages in the inbox from members claiming to match the profile, three of which were from real people, and the fourth was the welcoming email. The four active conversations are most likely to come from phony profiles because we haven’t uploaded any photos or given personal details, apart from a short profile title. This is a famous method of fraudulent dating sites to lure customers into upgrades, otherwise not being able to reply. Here is how the inbox looks like: 4 active conversations

  • There are several dozens extra services available from the drop-down menu.

Again for commercial goals, uses a rich menu bar with several submenus just to make you think that the site is overly active while most of them are just one and the same links while the majority link to the products already mentioned in this review and accessible via alternative links:

Book of Sex services

  • offers upgrades for porn content and enhanced message limit.

Nothing more than a clickbaity link, the sidebar of promotes two diverse options to rip you off of your money. Allegedly, by getting an upgrade you will be able to access an increased amount of messages and by clicking the next link – you will quickly realize it is just another offer of porn movies. upgrade offers

  • Model chat is offered as a type of sex cam service.

These scammy methods are the lowest level of tricks. For users who spend some time on the site and conclude they will not be able to get a sex date with a real person, sex cams may seem like a viable alternative. Well, that offer is not available unless you spend at least 90 days on the platform which is adding hundreds of dollars for the monthly membership, only if you don’t get any of the extras.

Book of Sex model chat

  • will sell you standard contact services, profile highlights and adult movies on demand.

In the end, here is another method to undersell, available via the upgrade page, including three different types of services. is just a marketplace with hundreds of sale links – it is like the eBay of adult dating sites, although that online retailer offers a fair share for the money you pay. That is not the case on Book of Sex, for sure, judging by the results we had. Here is what the offer looks like –  be careful what you click on:

Book of Sex card packages

Price Tag

Look at Book of Sex ultimate rip-off:

Gold Memberships

  • 12 months+6 months free are $179.40
  • 3 months+1 month free are $59.80
  • 1 month is $29.95

Standard Contacts

  • 12 months are extra $8.95 a month.
  • 3 months are extra $11.97 a month.
  • 1 month is extra $19.95/month

Profile Highlight

  • 3 months is extra $8.95 a month.
  • 1 month is extra $ 9.95 a month.

Adult Movies

  • 3 months are $12.95 a month.
  • 1 month is $18.95/month.

Busted or Trusted

We’ve busted yet another member of the Adult Friend Finder network, perfected to attract users in new ways and with some classic methods.

While it may seem like a very decent place, you will get scammed with several simple and a few sophisticated methods. Make sure to keep you card with you, and do not fall for the sales links. You’ve been warned!

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