5 Things About CougarLife.com You Have To Experience It Yourself

CougarLife.com is a site that hooks up younger men and older women who like dating younger men. By looking at all features we explored, this hookup site is not a real dating platform. They charge several categories of memberships and offer credits which cannot be easily calculated. It is all just one big scam that will do nothing for your dating efforts. If you want to date some cool, sexy and good looking cougars, you will have much better time on MilfPlay.com!


Judging by the design, CougarLife.com seem like it has plenty to offer. Great looking interfaces are a regular weapon of online fraudsters. They know what works with newbie users of online dating sites and give them what they want. Create a nice website, add some sexy pictures of the most wanted dating category, and you have already solved many of the scam issues – now you just need to wait for the flies to come by and start collecting the honey. If you dig deeper in the content or read more about how CougarLife.com operates, you will stop using it immediately.

Why is CougarLife.com a Fake Cougar Dating Service

CougarLife.com sells hookup services on the website, as well as hookup apps in the Apple store and the Google Play store. It charges credits and it sells subscriptions, so you will never get around the rules of all these packages. You are easily tricked!

The Android App is Under Different T&C

Although CougarLife.com includes this provisions because it has to, you should always be with open eyes when you use hookup apps that are charged with money. When you download the app, you will be charged an extra amount that does not come under the subscription rates. How can you manage to calculate that against the number of credits, it beats me! A great incentive for manipulating users!

CougarLife.com Works on Commercial Credits

Your initial subscription to the site is one thing and the credits are totally another. When you subscribe and get one of the paid upgrades, you also get a certain amount of credits that can be used for communication with the cougars. But, how many credits you get with your package, no one knows! You have to make sure you spend them by the end of the subscription, otherwise, they go to the dustbin. The same goes for the additional purchased credits.

CougarLife.com Uses Fictive Electronic Messaging

You will get messages from fictive members that are with the intention to entertain you. Read the provision below and remember it. Then don’t get pissed off when you finally realize that you have been duped to get new credits just to spend them on fictitious persons!

Subscriptions are Paid, NOT Free

From what it’s worth, this will be the least of your troubles from your membership on CougarLife.com. Especially if you uncover the false features when you register as a guest. “The value of credits can change from time to time” – Really, Cougar.Life.com? Can it? So, you sell credits on top of the subscription and then tell people that the value of credit has suddenly decreased. Now, they need to buy more credits – is that how it goes?!

Apple App May Cost You Extra Money

If the Android app costs you money, imagine how expensive will the same product be on iOS devices? In-app purchases start from $13.99 for credits to $49.99 for a monthly membership.

Price Tag

  • 1 Month subscription is $40
  • 3 Month subscription is $30
  • 12 Month subscription is $12

Busted or Trusted?

We unraveled five elements of the world of fake cougar dating on CougarLife.com and helped you stay away from the fictive profiles that serve for entertainment purposes. The doubts are removed. if you still have any, go for the experience yourself and share what you found.

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