This is the Main Reason Why You Don’t Need a Membership on

Again we meet with a casual dating site that has nothing to do with original hookups. This time the name of the site is, and the point of the scam is that it is totally copied and linking to another well-known fraudulent adult dating website – By the way, is not free at all. You can think of these con artists as partners in crime, ripping off many people of their hard earned cash in the same way from a different place.

Authenticity of

There is no word of authenticity on Not only it is only a banner ad for, but it also includes additional antivirus scam that can be very dangerous for your mobile. You know the drill, you get the message that your phone is non-secured and infected. Then you get the prompt that you must download an app cleaner. The real virus is in the cleaner. Many people fall for this scam, and make their phones a slow mess, wondering what happened to them. So, although, this is not the first time you are hearing about this (most likely) it is worth mentioning it so that you know what’s the business on

Why is an Insidious Way to Get Your Data

There are several reasons why you should keep away from the fraudsters on The main reason is that is just a copy of and the additional reason is that it is full of crawling viruses. Let’s investigate them one by one. & Conspire to Dupe Users

We see that links to the member area of and this is what you will find there:

Fake Profiles Called Hookup Assistants

They are all over the place and are paid employees who serve the interests of the company behind the site. If your hopes are that you are dealing with real chicks, get down to Earth sooner rather than later. It will hurt less, you will pay less and feel less stupid.

Fake Messages from the Hookup Assistants

Normally, if the virtual profiles just stood there doing nothing, you wouldn’t have any trouble with your dating profile. But if you are continuously targeted with someone else’s interests getting nothing and on top of that, jeopardizing your privacy with suspicious app downloads, you are a real victim, there is no better word about it.

Hidden Charges in Already Marked Boxes

The prompt for the upgrade is one large screen with huge letters. When you come to that point and are seriously considering getting yourself a paid membership, it is obvious that you are hooked. It is so easy to fill out your details and click “yes” isn’t it? Well, that’s what hopes for: naïve horny newbies who don’t inspect offers that are too good to be true and blindly follow the lead, regardless of where it may take them.

Copied Member’s Area with False Front Page: Double Scam

So, the poor people who are interested in finding free dates on or get some daily sex dose on have it really bad on this one. They are being hunted from tow directions with the same bait. Difficult times are ahead when tricksters organize in pairs to pull off the same scam. Things get even worse when they try to infect your phone with stupid so-called AV tricks. All in all, the things on really look down and miserable. Let that sink into your awareness before you try to land a one-night stand there!

Price Tag

Same as on (plus extra hidden fees)

Busted or Trusted?

Do you need any more evidence that is a scam? We think not. If you are still not convinced, why don’t you check out the review related to You will be transformed! Or, if you are already aware of their fake methods, have a look at our list of legit dating sites and make it all about what you want. Super-amazing quick dates on a plethora of resources!

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