The Red Zone Review: A Place To Meet Niagara Escorts?

The Red Zone is an average advertising platform that works as a directory for popular Canadian escort models and agencies. Having in mind that the rates are not too high, we doubt that you’ll find the top quality on this website. But you can never tell until you experience what’s on offer. One thing is for sure – there is no free dating at all. Multiple links and all of them are paid options! I’m not even amazed by the quality of the design, which is below average. Although it meets the minimum requirements for a decent website, I’m not impressed by the pricing. I will elaborate more about this in the next sections of The Red Zone review.

The Red Zone Review for Canadian Locations

This is a Canada directory. Most models are Canadian, of course, not strictly Canadian, but you know what I mean. Otherwise, there are all sorts of ethnicities, just like modern diverse Canada. So – plenty of nice sexy pics of exotic escorts who advertise their services on The Red Zone. Most of the visual content is banners, though. You’ll be exhausted by the non-stop clicks to find a girl. But is it really that’s what you are looking for?

Search Options

Search filters include larger Canadian cities, categories, and popular escort agencies. Don’t get fooled by the banners! Links work with different rules and you will be taken into a totally different land? Who knows how much will that cost you?

The Red Zone partners, sponsors, and wide listings

Ad Rates for Individual Contractors

Judging by the rates individual escorts need to pay on The Red Zone, it is in the average range of advertising platforms. Here are the rated for ads the providers need to pay:

  • 1-Week ad placement is $39.95
  • 1-Month ad placement is $99.95
  • 2-Month ad placement is $179.95
  • 3-Month ad placement is $229.95
  • 6-Month ad placement is $399.95
  • 12-Month ad placement is $699.95

But if you are looking for large-scale options, such as those for agencies and banner placements, there is a different story.

Rip-off Paid Banners

I have serious trust issues with banners. From my experience, they can navigate and redirect links to poor quality providers. They can also contain malicious links and steal your data. Apart from paying hundreds of dollars for an hour, you’ll get into further trouble. Security is no joke. These websites don’t promise secure services. Watch out banner clicks!

The Red Zone banner pricing

Horror Agency Pricing

The agency pricing is a bit different. I wonder how much you’ll need to invest in order to justify the huge agency rates. They definitely need to make money from somewhere. I’m the worse anti-fan of escort agencies than I am of escort girls. At least they work for their own benefit! If you really need to pay for sex, go for an independent provider. But don’t miss on free dating sites before you open your wallet!

The Red Zone escort agency pricing

Discussing Commercial Dating in Review

Getting impressed by The Red Zone is a tough job. The design and the overview resemble the quality of a local amateur newspaper. I understand that this concept may work for some people. But it can’t work for users of the Adult Dating Patrol. Make sure your time spent online looking for sex doesn’t cost you your monthly salary. The chances for that on The Red Zone are high!

I guess my point is that it gets very expensive if you’re hiring Canadian escorts to do you. Really, it’s that simple and if you’re looking to hook up, then you might opt to stay out of it and not do so. Simple as that. If you want to get laid, then use these websites instead.

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