It is almost funny how guys have no idea of what to wear on casual sex dates. Some of you may have a natural sense of what looks good on you on a date night. Others have done their homework and the results are obvious.

But, many guys are clueless and really end up looking like a crapload of laughs when they show up for a date. And trust me, that is not the effect you want to produce when you are looking to get laid.

Here is How to Dress for Success

Girls base their opinion about a guy on the choice of clothes, so you don’t like ending up looking like a hobo if you want to get laid. But, you also don’t like ending up looking stiff – keep the stiffness for bed. To make an impression good enough for casual sex, keep the dress code casual, too.

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There is a lot of truth to the saying “dress to impress”. A poor choice of clothes can be a deal-breaker, even if you are the hottest and the funniest guy in the world. So pay attention to what you wear when you go out. Prepare some simple combos ahead, so that you don’t spend that much time thinking when the date night approaches and you need to think of other things.

Here is what you should choose to put on you if you want to end up with a night of awesome sex. (Basically, it is pretty simple, but many guys still get it wrong).

Prepare a Nice Shirt and Jeans Combo

Keep it free of shabby t-shirts or, even worse – hoodies. A nice collared shirt in a simple style will always nail the casual style. You want to stay away from weird designs, colors and prints. You absolutely don’t want to look like an irresponsible trump. Keep it serious, but not too serious. That is the fine line between casual and corporate. If you end up looking like you are going for a business meeting, you may end up the night without getting what you came for.

Put on simple, classic dark denim jeans. They look decent with any type or color of the shirt. Then it will be easy to throw some spice into the mix by adding an accessory. But, as far as the jeans are concerned –  don’t go overboard. Dark and simple does it.

Invest in Shoes

I’ve heard that girls make the initial screening of a guy on the basis of the shoes he is wearing. Don’t think that if they are down there, no one sees them. Believe me when I tell you that any girl will throw a look at what’s on your feet. Toss the sneakers and the sandals. A pair of laid-back suede shoes with laces will go nicely with the shirt and jeans combo and can pull the date all the way from a cocktail bar to a nightclub. It doesn’t get less simple than that. Don’t be a spendthrift when it comes to shoes. It gives a very poor stamp on an overall good look, even if you have chosen an expensive shirt and casual pants.

Use Smart Accessories

A classy watch is a nice addition to a sleek shirt and jeans combo. You should stay away from heavy gold chains. No one wants to date Snoop Dogg. If you wear a simple necklace that is meaningful to you, that is fine, but keep away from heavy jewelry or you will end up looking like a thug. Pay attention to your socks, too. Lux shoes look even nicer with a cleverly chosen pair. If you are confident, you can play with the colorful socks. If you want to keep it simple, make sure that they are clean, at least. That goes for your underwear, too. Boxer briefs are many girls’ preferred choice.

Take notice of the tips above and you shouldn’t have any problems. Here is an extra tip from me for crisis situations – black is the color of power, so when you are clueless of what to wear, just throw that on. For less formal occasions, a navy shirt will do just fine. White shirts with rolled-up sleeves are most girl’s favorites and work great in summer.

Guys often lack ideas on what to do on first dates. They keep it standard by organizing the date in a bar or a club and wonder why they don’t have great results the first time.

How to Organize the Best First Dates

With just a little imagination, you can turn any first date into a success. Use some of the unconventional ideas presented in this guide and you will definitely get laid on your first date, more often than not. Surprises work well and add that special zing to the date night which just might make your date excited and willing to have sex right from the start.

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Rides in an amusement park.

This is a great idea if you like to keep it casual and don’t want to go out for drinks. Sometimes, people just don’t like drinking. But they do like to raise the adrenaline. And what’s better for that than some amazing rides in an amusement park? Did you know that any excitement can get your sex drive going? All that blood rush and laughing from the up and down motion can get you laid for sure.

Visit an art exhibition.

Even if you live in a small town, you can find some art event that can make a lasting impression. If you really can’t find anything, look for dates when guest artists come to your town and arrange the hookup around the available dates. That will really put you into her special books as it shows that you have thought of the date in advance. If you don’t like planning, check the city museum. A tour with an intelligent story will do the trick – some girls really like talking smart staff

Dance away a salsa night.

OK, it doesn’t have to be precisely salsa, it can also be rumba, samba or bachata. Even better if you find a place that is not a nightclub, but more of a dancing studio. In a nightclub, you can get lost in the regular night out experience. In a dancing studio, and if you pick the music right, there is almost a hundred percent certainty that the night will end in sex. All that tight holding and rubbing is nothing but an innuendo to sex, so why don’t you start it on the dance floor?

Go to a music festival.

Check out the local listings to discover a festival guide for events in the vicinity. Your town might be not that much action, but you can check nearby options. A ride in the car to take her there can be an excellent warm-up. If you live in a big city, the choice is much easier. Just be thoughtful and go for something with a bit of taste, you don’t want to end up on a heavy metal gig unless you know that the girl you are with is into that!

Outdoor adventures.

Open-air festivals are not the only outdoor option. If you know that she is in for some running, hiking or cycling, ask her out in a casual way. She may be really impressed that you have taken the time to organize something unique where you can share one-on-one conversations and spend time in nature. Nature can be a great location for bonding and quickly share a connection that can turn into a great evening. All that oxygen in the blood will need to be spent somewhere!

As a bonus tip, you can always hit the gym – that is a great place to get into talking about the body and what a good shape does to your confidence and to your sex drive. Many girls like feeling good about themselves and this is why they work out. Just follow tips and you will be quickly in for some hot sex date nights.

Good preparation results in getting the business half-done. This is nowhere more true in the bootycall world. When getting laid is in question, you don’t want to be a brick short of the load. This is what you should do to stay on top of the game when an opportunity arises – stack your car!

You wouldn’t want to be one of those guys that who is riding on a road that doesn’t meet the driveway as far as bootycalls are concerned, would you? Is there a better place to keep a stack of the necessities than in your car? If you are prepared, whenever a chance to get laid appears, you don’t need to get all in the works and lose your cool. Staying prepared will help you never miss a chance for hooking up.


A good stack will keep the plan going and your bootycall machine well-oiled. To keep in running, here is what you should always have in your car:

1.Pack of condoms.

Condoms increase our chances of getting laid. No matter how hard you try to keep it playing without condoms, there are chicks that just don’t want to get laid until you put on a condom. This should be a no-brainer. It is cheap, it is available and it doesn’t take that much space in your car. So, focus and land that bootycall by taking out a condom when one is required.

2.Some cash.

Okay, while I admit that it is not a great idea to keep a lot of cash in your car, you can always find ways to keep it neatly rolled and under cover, so that you can use it for the bootycall expenses, instead of getting it out in the open and offering as a bait for having your car robbed. Think smart – I am sure you can think of secret places and compartments in your car that are not obvious for passers-by.

3.Grooming pack.

You need to stay in good looks, clean and fresh if you don’t want to end up that bootycall on a bad note. Do you want to miss on getting laid only because you were not attentive enough to keep yourself presentable? A grooming pack can include some deodorant, some paper or wet wipes and some underwear. You can even place a box of mints or chewing gum in the mix, and add a hair-trimmer. A pair of scissors will do if things have got really urgent hair-wise. Viagra doesn’t hurt either!

4.Couple of glasses and some hard stuff.

That doesn’t mean that you should keep an open bottle in the passenger compartment and risk getting caught and charged with an offense you would not want to have on your record. But, a drink can definitely create a relaxed atmosphere around the bootycall session and bring yourself and the girl in the right mood. Who knows if you are ever going to find a bar nearby when an opportunity arises? And who is going to go looking for an open bar during the day? Sometimes. Those two glasses can be the real bootycall deal-breaker.

5.Extra smartphone charger or a power bank.

I don’t think that it is necessary to explain the importance of a well-charged smartphone for realizing a bootycall arranged from a hookup site. Keeping it charged while you are on the go may be impossible, but if you are prepared in your vehicle, you can easily swipe, search and check your messages while you are waiting on lights. It is even more important if you are using several hookup apps at the same time, because they eat your battery away faster.

Although the five items on the list seem like a pretty standard equipment for a bootycall, you won’t believe how many guys actually forget to keep the car stack loaded and miss on getting laid with beautiful women they have met on adult dating sites. Just lay the groundwork by keeping this five essentials ready, and you are basically all done. Of course, there are always more items to add on the list if you are high-maintenance, but I suggest you’d skip that and concentrate on visiting the right hookup sites.