Important Tips For Dating A Felon

Not everyone has a clean track record. In fact, according to my research, there could be up to 24 million felons living in America in 2020. That’s a huge number and if that’s a fact, then chances are you need to know everything you can about dating a felon.

dating a felon

Dating A Felon – What You Must Know

The journey through life is different for everyone on this planet. Sometimes we zig when we should really zag. Sometimes things just catch up to some people. That’s why the world is full of convicted felons.

If you’re dating a felon then you can expect to run into a whole lot of challenges. You have to be stronger than in a normal relationship and you have to prepare yourself for all of the things that a felon has to face.

If you want to find a felon to date, the best sites for it are the Fling Network and site. If you’re already dating one, here are some of the things that you can expect.

They’re Normal People

The first thing you have to realize is that they’re just people. They got caught in a bad situation and had to pay for it. Now they’ve served their time and they’re ready to get back into the world.

As the person dating them, you’re going to be a very big part of that. If you’re into the person that you’re with, you’re going to be the model that they base all of their normal life off of, really. It’s a big responsibility.

The Stigma Is Real

The biggest thing you’ll always be facing is the stigma. Felons have an evil one, and everyone is going to make the same assumptions. Most people won’t want to be alone with them. They’re certainly not going to trust him alone with their children.

All of your friends will have to make decisions based on their own assumptions. You may just lose some of them in the process. If your relationship is strong enough, you’ll have to lean on each other a little bit more. The stigma will always be there with you.

No Work

The next thing that will affect your life, even more, will be the lack of work. Felons can barely ever find it. Employers aren’t supposed to discriminate, but they do. Work will be tough to come by, and money will be an issue. It’s going to put a lot of stress on the relationship and it will be tough.

It may entail moving so the felon can find someone who’s willing to give them a shot and hire them. It’s a tough way to start a relationship when only one person is earning anything and the other gets turned down constantly.

No Housing

On top of all that, felons can’t live in public housing. It’s a cruel catch 22. You can’t work to pay your rent and you can’t live in public housing to have a roof over your head. That’s why so many felons end up on the street.

If you live in public housing then you’re going to have problems with your partner moving in with you. You’ll be risking your own home by letting them live with you. There are few options open to you and it will always be an issue, no matter where you go.

No Benefits

Perhaps the worst of all this is the fact that a felon can’t collect government benefits. That means no social security, no food stamps, and no voting. It makes the whole problem with finding a job even worse. It’s just stress on top of the stress that leads a lot of felons to drugs and alcohol.

It’s something that few of them can get through on their own. They need someone to help them as much as possible. The world is simply set up to push them to the side and completely forget about them.

Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

At the end of the day, dating a felon is up to you. You’re under no obligation to do it. It’s going to be difficult. You’re going to be cut off from a lot of help and normal living. That doesn’t mean it’s the felon’s fault. It’s just the way that it is.

Everyone deserves a second chance and you get to be a part of that. If you can handle all of the stress then the relationship is more than worth it in the end. You just have to hang in there and remember why you’re with the person.

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