Watch Out for a New Market Intruder – is the Latest Milf Scam

What is your greatest desire in online dating? Is it finding a sexy milf that will fulfill your wildest dreams? No wonder you’ve come up to and are now investigating if you have been scammed! Most likely you have! We’ve noticed some real women profiles on this adult dating website, but there are also fake profiles and expensive credits. Yes, turns out you are a dating newbie! Let’s see what’s the truth and how was your experience.


There is a number of different websites dedicated to the 40plus niche and they all carry very similar names. If you see the number ’40’ in front of the domain name you should be suspicious. A well-known fraudulent company Festivus Media is managing all websites that are associated with this fake milf dating scam. is another one of their recent additions.

Why is a Big Dating Fraud

If you’re lucky you may be able to start a chat or engage in communication with one of the real women. However, that’s very tricky – you can see the profile pictures and browse the member database. Yet, you can’t communicate unless you buy credits. By buying credits you agree that you may meet fake fabricated profiles –  Festivus Media deserves the right to do so.

Virtual Fake Profiles on

Here is the provision which is extracted from the ‘Terms and Conditions’ on 40Plus which makes it all clear. You are up against an email dating scam. The virtual profiles are all over the place. You’re at risk for using your precious expensive credits on chatting with a fake milf.

Belongs to Festivus Media

Here is the proof that belongs to the network of festivus Media if you browse around the rest of our reviews you will find out there fake hookup sites and apps which are related to the work of festivals Media the scum is the usual that use credits and fabricated profiles there is no big difference on this dating platform 2.

Paid Credit Problem #1

Let’s review the problems with the paid credits one by one. First, there is no way to get into communications or exchange chats or emails without paying for at least some credits. As you can see below, in the Price Tag section you need to buy a few of them to be able to complete any decent conversation.

Paid Credit Problem #2

Festivus Media keeps the right to change and update the price of the credits without letting know the users about the extent of the upgrade. You can use your credits, and as their number decreases you never know how many you have left, how much they cost and how many messages you can exchange for them, even the site has stated the price of all messages you get for the credits in the site documents.

Paid Credit Problem #3

Make sure you remember that the paid credits expire.They have an expiry date – once you purchase them, you need to take care to spend them as soon as possible because within a year they won’t be valuable to you, not a bit! This is a clever tactic to make you spend your credits faster and buy new ones.

Price Tag

Busted or Trusted? 

Are the stakes for great risk on too high? Well, maybe they’re not as high as on other dating websites, such as the ‘free lifetime membership’ franchise but they’re fairly high. Especially with the confusion around the prices of the credits this site does not offer great trust in its Services. You can try and test the real profiles but do it at your own risk.

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