5 Benefits Of MeetLocals.com That Will Change Your Perspective on Adult Hookups

How about getting a hot hookup with someone who lives very close to where you are? You wouldn’t want to drive for hours to get laid nor would you want to join a fraudulent site that only promises to have members that are nearby, but once the search starts, it leads nowhere.

Even better, MeetLocals.com does not limit the dating possibilities to singles only,  but makes the platform available for everyone. I must say that it did a good job, because it followed the practices from the best adult dating services in the industry, adding up great value to the world of genuine online adult dating.


MeetLocals.com’s opening page is very clear, straightforward and intuitive for readers. When I meet a dating tool such as this I know that the users are the first priority and the chances to get laid as quickly as possible are high.

There are several reasons why I trust MeetLocals.com (and I didn’t need to arrange a date to confirm that) and many of them concern the information provided on the homepage – clear, direct and with no beating around the bush to mask a scam or extort unnecessary money.

Why is MeetLocals.com a Genuine Adult Dating Tool

Here are is an intro to why I chose to trust MeetLocals.com and its amazing member database that got me a date more than once:

  • Fast and efficient customer service.

There is not only one customer support option on MeetLocals.com, but several services specialized to handle a specific part of the services provided by the site. This promises successful business supported by professionals who are not only there as bumpers to chat for nothing and make you feel as they did something when in reality they didn’t do anything. On the contrary, each aspect of the service is dealt with professionally and promptly. As an extra, you can also expect support for all billing issues form authorizes payment partners – how awesome is that?

MeetLocals.com customer support

  • Norton and Verisign seal secured.

These two very famous guarantees of genuine service providers rate high in terms of Internet security ranking, so whenever I see them on a site, I am 100% sure that I am in for the real deal. You don’t have to be concerned that you will meet online tricksters who are looking to hack your account, and even if there are such, they stand no chance against the strengthened protection of these additional security measures. Always on the lookout for false services, I breathe a sigh of relief when a see the big N and the big V.

Meet Locals Norton secured

  • Report Abuse button.

External security is one thing and internal security is something totally else. You can feel totally safe from the usual cyber bunch, but what about dangers from regular users. MeetLocals.com has incorporated a Report Abuse to deal with unwanted action from members who don’t follow the terms and conditions.You are not left to your own devices, but this legitimate dating site does everything it can to protect decent people from the inconveniences encountered online.

Meet Locals report abuse button

  • Removal of fraudulent profiles.

In addition to that MeetLocals.com will remove false profiles: “Please note that we do work expeditiously to remove what we believe to be fraudulent/malicious profiles as and when they are reported. We take all such reports extremely serious as we intend for Meetlocals.com to be a place for like-minded men and women to communicate and we have no tolerance for individuals abusing our system. If you are contacted through Meetlocals.com (whether by instant message, chat rooms, messages or otherwise) and believe such contact to be fraudulent/malicious please immediately report the matter to us.”

  • No data sharing with partner sites.

MeetLocals.com uses the data provided only for the purposes of the site functioning unless asked by authorized officials – and if you know that no one can escape the hand of law when it is necessary, so the shared information is minimal and under strictly regulated circumstances. Your privacy is sacred – you need to share the regular cookies info as well as your IP address.

Meet Locals no data sharing

Price Tag

The general basic access to MeetLocals.com features is FREE.

Advanced membership includes:

  • 3-Day trial membership that costs $1.66 a month.
  • Silver membership that costs $24.95 a month.
  • Silver yearly membership that costs $99.95 for a year.
  • Gold membership with added services that costs $34.95 a month.

Busted or Trusted

MeetLocals.com is a genuine dating site that promises outstanding deals for people who want to find others for sex dates, but who not only share the same passion or preference but also live close.

If you want to hook up with fun locals, both singles and couples, you are welcome to join MeetLocals.com. This adult dating sleuth can tell you that you are in for some very positive experiences.

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  1. This girl I found here was way out of my league, but it all turned awesome in the end… Thanks for letting me know about this dating service!


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