IGetNaughty.com Will Mix Your Subscriptions on Multiple Sites via Date Boosters

IGetNaughty.com claims to be game-changer in the online dating world by using all the best features of social media and chat platforms, combining them in a nice overall user plan to provide new fun and meeting opportunities for people who like casual dates and perhaps something more. Apart from new ways to sell unnecessary things to poor newbies, I didn’t notice any game-changing moment in IGetNaughty.com. We are dealing with the same old scam as usual.

top naughty dating site banner

Should You Trust IGetNaughty.com?

Well, it is hardly likely that IGetNaughty.com is the ultimate dating platform (according to them) but let’s check out what’s on the menu –  is at least good for fun or for nothing? Here are some of the bits and pieces related to the offer on IGetNaughty.com

  • Thousands of single members
  • Multiple dating options for flirting, sex, and fun
  • Simple registration
  • Advanced and modern interface for chatting
  • Excellent design
  • Quick pickup scheme for dates
  • Protected privacy
  • SSL encryption system
  • Picture protection

While we are not astonished by the main offer of the dating service, we were for sure flabbergasted by the ways this site is trying to fool you. Let’s see what is at hand in more detail.

Why is IGetNaughty.com a Fraudulent Dating Site

  • IGetNaughty.com works with system-created automated messages to boost interaction.

The software applied by the site works in a way to create zingy, flirty and attractive messages that play a mind game with the users  -so you get mindfucked into thinking that you are getting saucy chat texts from a hot prospect while you are getting a business deal from a staff profile (more about staff profiles is explained below and they work hand in hand with the automated messages).

I Get Naughty automated messages

  • You will get extra combined offers and charges for partnering sites. 

Here is an extra bit you should be especially careful about when you join IGetNaughty.com. They not only sell subscriptions to the main site, but they also combine memberships for the network websites and you may get charged triple the rate for the month for a few dollars less – all under the guise that it is with a discount when you are actually paying double rates for the same members:

I Get Naughty dating booster and bundle packs

  • The refund policy is not friendly for users.

The refund policy is awful and there are plenty of reasons to assume that – here is a list of the key reasons and a snapshot of how that looks on the site:

  • You must process all refunds via Apple store separately
  • Refunds are only granted by exception
  • Refunds are only processed in the same way the main payment occurred – no cash refunds
  • Only the last month is refunded, otherwise, the subscription is canceled
  • You must get in touch with the Customer Department

I Get Naughty poor refund policy

  • You are manipulated by Staff Profiles.

The employees of IGetNaughty.com create fabricated profiles to lure users into buying full premium subscriptions to the site, and even maybe the date booster and the date bundle packages:

I Get Naughty staff profiles

Price Tag

  • $4.07 for a three-day trial
  • $35.64 for a one-month membership
  • $59.79 for a three-month membership
  • $93.86 for a six-month membership

Busted or Trusted? BUSTED!

It beats me how these companies manage to use the same ways to create fake websites and then add some new inventions to pull the wool over the eyes of experienced users. But – hey, it still happens, so this is why I always like to advise a word of caution to all our followers – the same is the situation with IGetNaughty.com – fake women, fake messages, and extra rip-off packages.

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  1. You are abso-f*cking-lutely right about the refunds. It was such a pain until I completed my refund a few months ago, I can’t believe the amount of papers they wanted me to submit!


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