Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Browse On Your Own

Unless you’re really sure that you know what you’re doing, we do not advise registering and finding someone to get laid on This site for hookup personals is connected with Nelfor Services and Bulova network. If you remember well that is the company that is associated with a network of websites that work with computer-generated messaging and pricey membership rates.


How come we meet with the same scam all over again? Is there really no one that can stop the frauds? For example has been reviewed by many other reviewers who work on adult dating websites and they have given very poor marks for it. It seems that we would really need to work hard to manage taking care of all the scams! The fraud tactics of the site were not a big surprise especially as we now know more of how Nelfor and Bulova work to trick their users.

Why is a False Dating Website

This site uses make-believe messages called activity alerts. They sell expensive upgrades and they monitor your communication. Uses Computer-generated Messages Called Activity Alerts 

For amusement purposes and to get into the game, applies an instant messaging system called Activity Alerts. This is nothing else but a fancy name for the virtual profiles. Yes, you may not immediately make the connection, but who is really sending the messages that keep you in the mood? You don’t necessarily need to see the profile to understand that you have been duped by software. The name is not that important. The purpose is the same. All in all, you are not talking with a real person. If you are browsing the site yourself, this is one of the first traps.

Your Custom Messages Can Be Changed and Monitored

As a new member, you have the gift option of using custom messages. Oh, how nice, you will say – I don’t need to think of what to say before I get in touch with the girl I like. creators know this. They get that so many people will not want to use their own language in fear of failure. This is why they set you up. You start using the messages, and they monitor and change them. They actually control your gift! Will you get laid if this is the situation? Hardly!

The Web Has Very Poor Reviews About

One element that assures everyone that they are dealing with scammers is an opinion shared by many. The fake moments on this hookup site were too much to handle for the top ten reviews retrieved by Google search. Typically, when we complete the search for free sites,  there is at least a small percentage of the feedback that thinks differently. For, that is not the case. Such agreement is a surefire sign of nasty stuff. Just have a look at all these reviews:

Price Tag

  • $4.07 for a three-day test version
  • $35.63 for a monthly membership
  • $59.79 for a quarterly membership
  • $93.86 for a semi-annual membership

Busted or Trusted?

In the end, we have no doubts that this is not the place you should be browsing alone. The consequences can be costly and disappointing. Not to mention that you will look and feel foolish whenever you remember how you ended up chatting with activity alerts and sending them changed personalized messages!

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