Will You Need a Safety Net for FuckbookNet.net’s Fraud? Users Say Yes

With most people spending a lot of their free time online, it is no wonder fraudulent companies are trying to get a chunk of the market via duping inexperienced users. Social media is very popular, and we know which network is the most popular. This is why we are not at all surprised that many deceptive dating services try to mirror Facebook’s design, producing lookalike home screens, just to make users feel comfortable and click yes. FuckbookNet.net joins the company of fraudsters. You may not be aware of this tactic, but this is a subtle psychological trick. Unfortunately, while many conspiracy theories are not based in reality, this scam is. That was the result of our investigation.


Not only is FuckbookNet.net not genuine in its Facebook-impersonating efforts, but it is also using a name very similar to another dishonest company – FuckbookHookups.com. In fact, it wasn’t too long until we found out that those two are connected. Just have a look at the way both sites manage their services and it will dawn on you that you are dealing with nasty copycats that have no better way to find but create countless versions of the same product hoodwinked under a slightly different setting. In any case, we took the usual thorough tour to uncover any changes or mark subscription differences.

Why is FuckbookNet.net Yet Another Fraudulent Dating Website

This time, we started by collecting opinions of what other people think, and then went on subscribing, reading through the site documents and finding flaws in the making. This is what we discovered:

  • FuckbookNet.net has very poor Google reviews.

Several Internet dating authorities that work in the dating arena for years now have completed similar checkups of FuckbookNet.net and came to the same conclusions that we have come to – that this website is just a false rip-off which uses fabricated profiles to gain premium subscribers with Gold and Silver memberships. Here are some of the relevant resources:

Fuckbook Net reviews

For those of you who don’t find Google reviews sufficient, we collected a couple of top results from YouTube, all witnessing about FuckbookNet.net’s inadequacy. It is evident that the team of Adult Dating Patrol is not the only one with a sharp eye to reveal a fraud – others have smelled fishy things, too:

Fuckbook net youtube reviews

  • Members can’t communicate via email unless they upgrade.

It is true that you can receive emails, but guess why? Just to be pestered by the site’s annoying fabricated profiles! You can also receive email from Gold and Silver members, which means that you must become one in order to be able to reply. That assumes expensive upgrades, providing credit card details and succumbing to the unfair, unsafe rip-off policy.

Fuckbook net mail scam

  • FuckbookNet.net will “entertain” you with fake girls.

Here is a bit more about what they actually do: they are virtual bots or carry alternative fancy technological names, organized by the site itself or by third-party collaborators that have one and only intention – to make you get an upgrade. On the other hand, the site not only hides these fake profiles, but also encourages users to chat with them. This is by no means an excuse to continue playing the dirty game:

Fuckbook Net emissaries

There is no way around them – you must agree to meet them by signing the Terms of Use:

  • FuckbookNet.net has no control over your privacy.

You know that when you subscribe to a site with many ads, you expose to multiple potential dangers of clicking compromised links or unverified products. In this way, you become more vulnerable to privacy violations. On FuckbookNet.net –  you are warned. But that doesn’t mean that you are safe, too. You’d better watch your back with clicking – here is why:

Fuckbook Net third-party sharing

Price Tag

Gold Memberships:

  • 12 months cost $149.90
  • 3 months cost $69.90
  • 1 month costs $34.95

Silver Memberships (with limited messaging):

  • 3 months cost $59.95
  • 1 month costs $29.95
  • 3 days cost $1.95

Busted or Trusted

FuckbookNet.net is more than busted. It is actually burned to the ground. Don’t let that sweet little butt on the home screen sway you and make you forget about the scam we are talking about. We would also advise on checking those separate Gold and Silver limits because they say fraud from far away. Also, be extremely careful when clicking unsolicited links – save your nerves, your budget and your dignity from this scammy website.

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