Felines Escort Review: Cougar Scam Exposed

You may across the escort website if you start looking for and reading milfs hookup investigation reports. You probably know that milfs are also called cougars although they do not belong to the exact same category. Nevertheless, your search may take you to a fraudulent escort website and make you pay far more than you have imagined. If you start looking for sex on escort agencies you can have trouble with the law, get scammed, and pay hundreds of dollars you don’t want to pay. Let’s see what will your experience be with this Swiss escort agency by exploring this Felines Escort review.

Felines Escort Review: A Swiss Trap

Cats are tricky creatures. Women are also tricky creatures. Combine that with the business and you can get into all sorts of troubles. There are many escort agencies that work illegally in countries where they are allowed to. But if you set your foot in another country the liberty to hire escorts is gone. 

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This agency is managed in Switzerland. However, if you have a look in the frequently asked questions section you will notice that they include a warning about taking your escorts outside the country. I’ve learned a lot from the FAQ section. There are quite a few details you need to pay attention to, including fees and bookings. Legality is not the only issue.

A Bad Sign: No Felines Escort Reviews from Visitors

There were no Felines escort review from users. Therefore, I guess we will need to leave that section out at the moment. Yes, the girls look exclusive and have nice pictures but their identities are protected and you can’t really see their faces. You can, naturally, see their physique in lingerie.

Felines Escort Review fees

I’m really most worried about the fees you need to pay.

Issues with Fees You Can’t Avoid

  • First of all, you need to pay an advance payment if you’re coming from an area which is 100 km far from the girl’s location.
  • There are no cancellation fees. If you decide to cancel you must keep your payment as a deposit and use it in the following 6 months.
  • If you pay with a visa or MasterCard you have to pay 5% extra on the basic fee.
  • In the end, you must pay with cash at the start of the date and you need to do this discreetly.
  • In any case, you’re put in an unfavorable position and you carry the load of the payment.

Don’t let me get started on multiple scans were escorts have used their position to blackmail their client. It’s not an experience you want to get into!

Felines International Review Summary

Dating on a regular (standard) dating website is 100 times simpler. You don’t need to think of advance bookings or do any payments upfront. You can be open and not care about discretion. After all, you’re doing it for pleasure, not for money! Furthermore, you can discuss openly your desires and don’t spend money on anything else apart from drinks. Finally, you definitely want to have any trouble with the law or get yourself into some conniving fraudulent schemes with alleged escort scams.

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