Why You Should Spend More Time Investigating Before Joining CollegeFuckbook.com

It sure sounds nice to discover a new dating site with modern tech features and extra mobile app, as well as 24/7 customer support, don’t you think so? It has been a while since we have found a genuine dating site for students and young people, so we were just hoping that finally, here it is with CollegeFuckbook.com.

Nevertheless, our hopes were in vain, as CollegeFuckbook.com is not worth joining because of the standard fraudulent methods, such as fabricated profiles and false free subscription.


It is true that CollegeFuckbook.com has many features, but where will these features take you? Thay will not make your online dating life exciting, They will empty out your wallet for nothing though. You think you can chat for free with all those hotties on the site?

Yet again, do you think that the hotties on the site are real and that all the messages you are getting are from real persons? Yes, there is a safety mode, but is it any worth when you are talking to robots? The interface seems user-friendly until you discover that all those super-tech features are not even free. On the contrary, they are quite costly and limited and will require generous payments from you.

Why is CollegeFuckbook.com a Fake Dating Site

Here is what evidence we gathered that CollegeFuckbook.com uses very well known false dating tricks to make new users pay extra bucks. Do not fall for the fake claims of periodical discounts because they will cost you a lot.

  • CollegeFuckbook.com promises false free membership.

Before you register, you get the nice advertising text with promises of the horniest teen sluts hanging around the site and waiting for new users for discreet encounters. You get a glimpse of what the site might look like and expect more on the inside. You hope for starting to chat with hotties from campuses because their profile pics from the opening page sure look inviting. And, you can’t believe it – all this is for free! If you are suspicious, it is no wonder! Many others are, particularly those who know how yo recognize a fake service when they see one.

However, nowadays sites know how to work around all tricks and camouflage the deceptive methods. This is why many have fallen before you (don’t feel too duped) and many will do in future if sites continue to relentlessly pursue new victims.

If you see promises for free use such as this one, open your eyes wide:

college fuckbook false free membership

This is why you get to sign up for free – because you will be stalked and persuaded to join for a membership by the site’s paid or automated profiles who have the task to entertain customers and make the site more active.

The way these fabricated profiles work is described in the site documents but this doesn’t mean that you have the choice to opt out from the use of the phony girls called “Online Emissaries”. You will join, find a hot girl, start chatting with her, warm up the things and think that a super wild sex is just around the corner, only to discover that you are being duped by a bot later when it is already too late to do something about it.

College Fuckbook online emmissaries

Price Tag

While the site offers trial packages for as little as a few dollars for a couple of days, the subscription renews to a monthly fee which is much higher than the discounted offers included in the 3-month and the 6-month packages. You should pay special attention to that renewal when you give your credit card details.

Busted or Trusted

If we didn’t give you enough reasons to think long and hard before you join CollegeFuckbook.com, let us summarize the nasty bits once more. Perhaps you need a bit more convincing than the average guy out there, or perhaps you have the extra hots for college girls! Regardless of the reason, your naivete and disbelief will be broken when you read all of the above.

We would like to remind you that there is no protection against use of fake girls. You will not be able to send any message without an upgrade. In the end, the site is unsafe and does not utilize any extra security mechanisms or support. If you interested into dating teen girls, why don’t you try Let’sBeSexy.com or Snapbang.com?

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