The Truth About Certified Dating Sites Review Reports

This Canadian adult dating site review site is subpar even below the average, but it has a nice down-to-earth selection of reviews which makes it easier for the average Joe and Jane to find what they’re looking for. Alternatively, it’s quite social – the social approach enables logins from all major social networks – Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Not sure what’s the benefit of this for users, though, as they still get the same access to the same content even if they’re not logged in. Whether Certified Dating Sites review reports include only legitimate sites is a question that remains to be answered. In my own humble opinion, not all hookup websites with a written Certified Dating Sites review deserve to be called legit.

Certified Dating Sites Review: The Best and the Worst at One Place

Definitely, the best content of all is the information included in the written reviews. On the other hand, the rest of the sections are pretty skimpy. Here is what hides under each of the top menu tabs (spoiler alert – nothing much!):

  • Meet Singles. This is the section dedicated to the certified dating site reviews which lead to the main page/ home page.
  • Oline Dating Bible. Blog content about dating scammers, dating etiquette, and the rest of the standard casual dating stuff.
  • Best Dating Sites. Skips straight to the plain adult dating site reviews.
  • Profile. Bio information about the writers on the site, including four women and two women – Zach, Sloan, Sarah, and Donovan, all from the Toronto area, either by living or working.
  • Online Dating Blog. No different than the blog content with last updates made in 2014

My best advice is to start reading the reviews immediately. It’s even better to perform a within-site search to come up with the result for the site you’re investigating if there is one.

What Sites are Covered with Certified Dating Sites Review Reports?

Not all of the sites are in the adult dating site niche but most of them are. Here is what you’ll find among the Certified Dating Sites reviews:


Certified Dating Sites review reports blog

There is no real ranking so you cannot differentiate the best and the worst. But you can find some good reviews about decent dating sites and some more dubious ones, such as the one and the one.

Conclusion: Where to Spend Most Time At?

Here is a summary of the moves to help you get the best out of Certified Dating Site reviews:

  • Throw a general glance of content
  • Search for the site you plan to join
  • Read the detailed review
  • Compare it to other hookup site review reports
  • Draw a conclusion (include user reviews, too)

Follow these simple five steps and you’re good to go on more than one hookup app and website, including this one and many others.

If you need more advice, just reach out to me via the contact form. I’ll help anyway that I can.

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