Some people think that “black” dating is a thing of the past because they find it somewhat conservative or plain racist, but I wanted to see what’s all about because I found some excellent reviews online. Not to be confused with our review, this is an entirely different site and experience.

My concerns quickly disappeared as I found out that the dating site is not restrictive, but is actually trying to serve the needs of people who just happen to like certain facial features or body type more than the other, and who can say anything about a personal preference, don’t we all have it? in any case is one of the best genuine adult dating sites for hookup personals.

Is Black Fling Legit?

Almost everything about built up the trust in their services, even from the page opening, but I didn’t want to jump ahead of myself and make conclusions before I do the thorough investigation of the features like I usually do. I found clear and in-depth provisions in the most important site documents, as well as professionally in the customer service, and in the payment processing.

There is also enhanced security protection with relevant software solutions from the antivirus industry, alongside several means for confirmation of the profile validity of new users. In addition, cancellation is unlimited and site features provide excellent hookup possibilities.

Why is a Genuine Adult Dating Site?

More than one reason assured me 100% that is the real deal:

  • Users need to provide data at registration.

It is not like you get instantly in, like on scammy dating sites. You actually need to work a bit in order to become a member, which only a real person can do. No one who is just spam-botting a site would be able to get in with the signup procedure. This is an excellent guarantee that you are dealing with real people when you join the site. No worries for fake accounts who can at the best chat you up into giving personal information, or at the best, not have good intentions when you meet them in person. strong profiles

  • Email validation is required after initial signup.

This is just another filter than won;t let fraudulent methods pass into memberships at Right after you fill in your details at registration, you need to verify your email via your inbox. Once this is over, you can get ready to interact with real people of flesh and blood, such as yourself and hook up with hottest sexy black women and men from your area (or further, if you don’t mind traveling).

Black email validation

  • Norton secured seal.

Trusted sites get an antivirus protection to keep everyone involved safe. has the Norton seal. I went ahead and checked credential for this seal via the link and I got convinced that this is genuine safeguarding tool that will not allow hacks, malware and spam to spread around the site and mix people’s plans and wishes to get laid. There are additional security measures that come with payment protection, but I thought there is no need to elaborate them here in detail.

Black Fling Norton

  • The network of trusted friends is real.

When I logged in and started hooking up, I didn’t start receiving automated messages like on other dating sites with dishonest methods who try to lure you into upgrades by sending you either software and computer-generated messages or by chatting you up with fake profiles or with cam girls who just want to get tokens from you for an exchange of almost nothing. Here, as you can see, I was creating my own network, adding people to it for whom I decide that I want them to join. real friends network

  • Free cancellation at any time.

No one wants to pay for something they didn’t order, or want, or changed their mind about it later. Everyone wants a free choice. So, here on you only need to let the customer service know of the change 24 hours ahead and your memberships will be updated or cancer in line with your preferences. No hidden costs or small prints scams that show up on your account later, making you wonder what on Earth have you paid for. free cancellation

Cost to Join BlackFling

Becoming a basic member is FREE.

Getting to use the advanced premium services costs as follows:

  • 1-Month Silver Membership is $24.95/month
  • 1-Month Gold Membership is $34.95/month
  • Trial Membership is $4.95 for a 2-Day Trial
  • 12-Month Membership is $119.95

Overall Consensus in our Black Fling Review is a genuine dating site with a twist, and with professional security measures that will not put a hole in your pocket and make you wonder what happened when you receive your monthly statement.

Sign-up is secured and checked, email verification is applied and, on top of everything, there are additional ways of safety guarantee that promise a lot of fun and sizzling sex dates with people who are into the same stuff as you are

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  1. Finally, finally, a great dating site for me! Phew, thanks ADP for pointing out this dating service for black people.


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