BestHookupApps Review: The Place for Threesomes

This review website is with the .biz extension. This should be relevant for a business. Some even say that it is better to get one. But since this is a review site, I’m not sure what’s the point of getting a business domain unless it’s for business purposes. It’s not obvious what’s the business from this BestHookupApps review. Consequently, I leave it to you to evaluate whether you can use it for anything else except for the reviews.

What’s the Special Ingredient of BestHookupApps?

The site has several listing of websites and apps for casual dating and a general list. It also aims at regular updates of certain, which is a good thing. You’ll be able to find the latest information. If you search for the best hookup apps in 2018, you will end up here. The problem is there is no historical information. Therefore, you will struggle with finding more comprehensive info. Also, I doubt that all lists are regularly updated in full. You will most likely find the same information for 2019 and beyond.

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Another bonus is the presence of adult websites that I’ve never seen on other review sites. Some of the submenus include mainstream dating sites. But the focus is on casual dating. As a result, you can find some entertaining and relevant fresh materials about less known dating sites.

What Niches Are Subject to BestHookupApps Review Reports?

You will find top dating site lists for the following six groups:

  1. The Top Hookup Websites In 2019 (Free and Paid). Includes a number of very well known websites, such as Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison.
  2. Top Free Hookup Apps. You can find unusual names like Pure, Down, and Wild apps.
  3. Top Free Dating Apps. Inclined to the mainstream with example reviews of Tinder, OkCupid, and Bumble.
  4. Top Free Gay Dating Apps. The best-known Grinder, Scruff, and others relevant to gay and transgender dating.
  5. Top Threesome Apps. This is a pretty interesting section that will take you to a few reviews about 3+ dates if you’re into it.
  6. Top Sex Apps. A mix of casual sex websites, including NSA options from the mainstream.

What is the Content of Each BestHookupApps Review?

The BestHookupsApps reviews are not too long. You will read a description and a few main points about each website, including population, features, typical members, and how you can join in and become a member. Namely, the content is not very detailed.

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Therefore, if you want to read some more detailed reports, you should take a look at review sites with a tradition, such as or, for example.

BestHookupApps Reviews: Fun & Niche-Specific Content

The final outcome of this report is that it’s a great place to read about threesome apps. Also, it’s awesome to compare mainstream and casual dating websites. You can also find valuable information about sex tips and links to partner sites. The detailed info is a bit scroogy, though. You may end up searching for costs or feature explanation on other review sites.

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