5 Dos and Donts of Casual Dating You Should Keep in Mind

If you’ve never been good at casual dating, this article will be a perfect chance to start anew. You must be one of those types with vivid imagination and picture all the things that could go wrong. You may start thinking about the girl you meet and what will happen if she is super-hot or vice versa. How will you handle the situation if she isn’t really your type and you can’t find your way out?

Don’t think you are losing your confidence! Having a preference is a good thing. You know what you want on one hand and you don’t just jump into every opportunity way too soon.

When you get more into the game you’ll get even better. You can work on some communication tricks and get to the nail the casual chick more than one time. However, there is always something to learn something to get even better.

  1. Be open.

Yep, it’s casual, but you will do the best if you keep your cards open. The relationship may be non-serious and non-exclusive, but when you are open to exploring, let your dates and prospects know what you want. Be straightforward that you are looking for NSA dates and let them know that you like to see where things go. Don’t be shy about sharing your truth. You’ll be far better for it. If you’ve just got out of a long-term relationship or if you only want relaxed dates, it’s all the same.

  1. Don’t just date one person.

Don’t focus on just one person. It’s not a wise idea if you are looking to develop a steady list of booty calls. It’s not enough to say that you’re light and breezy. The other party can quickly get into a romantic story and that’s not something that you want when you are not into something serious. If the girl gets that you are exclusive, you are no longer on the same ground. Just keep more than one person in the mix if you don’t like to have problems. Just remain out there in the open.

  1. Stay away from just one type.

It’s legit to go for one type. But it doesn’t have to be dating just blonde or just BBW or mature women. Just go for your type from time to time and keep your options open for different types. In fact, if you go back to your past dates, you’ll notice that there have been different types and that you didn’t have such a poor time. Start thinking about dating gym girls or girls with a sense of humor and you’ll just have a sense of revelation.

  1. Don’t just ditch your dates because they’re casual.

A casual date may grow important on your booty call list. If the first date goes well, you may not only end up with a string of supersexy random encounters, but also be able to learn more things that you’ve never thought you could learn from casual dating, such as getting into the club of the moment or an exclusive pass for a new event. Just don’t get too comfortable and start sharing deep secrets, because things can swiftly turn sour for both of you. Keep your distance relevant.

  1. Don’t share your casual hookup life with your married friends

Don’t sway from your convictions and don’t let your married couples dump their interpretations on you. Behind good intentions, married people can be condescending instead of being of help or act as real friends. You should listen to no one about successful online dating unless they’ve been through the same hell and heaven and walked the same road. Married people have a sort of a contra stance against fresh possibilities and they may not have your best interest at heart even if they think they do.

Being single is awesome and you don’t have to even be a constant casual dating fan. Most people will envy your independence. You’ll just have way more possibilities of having more fun and just live life to the fullest. Meeting new women for fun and learning just how great casual dating can give a special allure to life. You won’t be sorry that you went for it, especially if you keep these tips in mind.

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