WildSpank.com Scam Review: Bogus Messages Sent by Software and Auto-Renewals

With a name like that WildSpank.com has some really great chances to become one of the favorites of many people who look for some casual sex online. However, even the awesome design is not going to help when you complete the inspection of the site and see that it’s all about fake features. What exactly is the story of WildSpank.com?

Why is WildSpank.com a Fake Dating Site

This dating website has found a really inventive and fun way to pull two of the most distinctively false features of the dating sites in one. We see that in the bogus activity alerts which are just a combination of messaging and fake profiles. Everything is explained in the ‘Terms and Conditions” in so many details that there is no need to do a detailed tour of the site. You have it all in the clear only if you read those documents!

Auto-renewal with a Wicked Timeframe

Another big problem of a WildSpank.com is the auto-renewal option. Many online dating sites use this system for the convenience of its users to enable easier payment processing and continuous service for those that are forgetful. However, the problem here is that you need to cancel any subscriptions at least three day ahead. This means that when you get the trial version you’re actually instantly paying for the full monthly subscription!

Limited Security Features

Fake profiles and fake messages are only a part of the problem. But when a hookup site doesn’t have any security features it can really not be trusted! We are not able to have great assurance and a lot of trust in dating services that don’t like meddling in the user affairs. You’re left to own devices to settle disputes.

The SMS packages are paid. You won’t get to use the free software because if you want to send SMS via WildSpank.com, you must purchase the specific service. Why would anyone want extra for such a service, it beats us!

Price Tag

  • Three-day trial version is $4.98
  • One-month subscription is $34.99
  • Three-month subscription is $59.97
  • Six-month subscription is $95.94

Busted or Trusted?

WildSpank.com looks a lot like the sites created by Bulova network. Yet the name of that company was not found in the site regulations despite that everything was the same. When there is no proof, we can’t really say that it’s a site related to this network. The design is almost the same as any of the partners of this network of websites. We can conclude that they are the same business with about 90 percent certainty.

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  1. This is so full of bull*hit and they never charge you what they say, there are new fees once you get to the final payment processor!


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