5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Become a Member of LocalFlirtMatches.com

LocalFlirtMatches.com is a true fraud and a maximum level ripoff. All elements of scams are there. Fictive profiles that send fake messages cannot be circumvented. The credits cost a lot. There are no guarantees for finding dates. So, why would you like to join this platform for unsuccessful casual hookups? No reason whatsoever!

Why is LocalFlirtMatches.com a False Hookup App

LocalFlirtMatches.com deploys more than five fraudulent techniques. Here we are presenting only the most critical ones, but trust us – those will be enough!  

1. Profile creation for amusement purposes.

LocalFlirtMatches.com doesn’t sway of from the main strategy of fake businesses for online dating – scams with fictitious profiles. It totally deserves the right to create as many as it may like. You won’t be able to get away – your inbox will be full of them, but you won’t be able to reply back.

2. No physical appointment will take place between real members and fake members.

LocalFlirtMatches.com promises nothing – only fun! if you want to pay several hundred of dollars for fake women, go ahead!

3. LocalFlirtMatches.com is run by Festivus Media.

Here is the name of the company behind this site – can you trust anything from these fraudsters? History has shown that they are in charge of dozens of illegitimate dating sites.

4. Credits are expendable, terminable and non-refundable.

To communicate, you must purchase credits. But you must use them within a certain period of time or you’ll lose them, regardless of how many you used or the number of messages you sent with them. Once the one year is over, it’s hasta la vista credits!

5. You must own credits to send messages.

Yes, you register for free. Yes, you start getting messages. However, the inability to reply back means only that you’ve joined a dummy site and that the fake messages from fake women are a bait for expensive credit subscriptions:

Price Tag

  • 8 credits will cost you £7.99
  • 25 credits will cost you £22.49
  • 50 credits will cost you £39.99
  • 100 credits will cost you £79.99
  • 300 credits will cost you £219.99

Busted or Trusted?

LocalFlirtMatches.com will not be put into the basket of genuine dating sites, not now nor ever. Be careful whenever you encounter a site produced by Festivus Media, unless you want to spend your money on nonsense.

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