Is’s Free Access Worth Your Time? See for Yourself

There are some good dating websites with free access on the market, but the typical approach to free dating is that something is usually suspicious when the site is totally free. Often, the claims for free access are nothing else but a fraud that is only a hook for upgrades. This is why, at first, we were flabbergasted to find out that is actually free.

However, the nice surprise quickly evaporated into a disappointment. No wonder is free because there is almost nothing there but links to other adult dating websites! These people even tell you that they can’t maintain the business for long for free and that advertisers keep them alive. Our verdict is that is so totally not worth your time.


The home screen of is one of the better ones – in fact, it is so good that you could easily mistake it for one of the more expensive, classier dating websites. We assume that this is only the honey to attract flies (read: customers) and link them to other places for profit. Although this is not illegitimate, it is a surefire way to piss off people who were hoping for a quick sex date, later discovering that they are being used as baits for expanding the member directories of other dating services.

Our tour of was mainly related to clicking various links to partners because is almost empty with features, provides weird looking screen navigation, has a dozen messages in the live chat and pesters with ads.

It almost looked like a sex ghost town. The situation looked creepy, not at all sexy, hot or active. Not to mention the missing fun and great profile pics seen on better dating sites.

Why is an Online Dating Scam

  • posts profiles from other sites.

This is the profile page that opens up after registration. At first glance, you will like it and think that you would really like to get a bang date with one of these hotties. But, just jump till the end of the page and you’ll see that this is actually a selection of the partnering sites that have nothing to do with people registered with If you try to click to any of these girl’s pics you will be taken to different services. By clicking all those links we almost got lost:

Saucy Dates advertisers

  • posts incorrect profile information.

If you have a look at the ADP member’s user info below, you will notice that the date of birth info says that he joined in January 1970. However, we can most certainly claim that he is born in 1982 – we’ve got his birth certificate! How on earth did come with this registration date – the Internet didn’t even exist then. If you have an idea, please enlighten us because it is beyond us. In any case, the chances to meet someone in the right age gap fall way down by posting this incorrect information:

Saucy Dates Dating profile 1970

  • The site is missing the Terms and Conditions section.

We couldn’t locate this super-important document about judging the authenticity of adult dating providers. Would you believe in the integrity of a website that didn’t include all this in the most critical document? Right, us neither. This argument is additional confirmation that the site and the registration page were created just to deliver you to one of the partner screens:

Saucy Dates no Terms and Conditions

  • links to low-quality dating site copies.

If the main service is empty, then the accompanying services are a black hole. You can almost feel the negative gravitation sucking you into emptiness. Both and are just the main site with a different front page. we are not even sure that they specialize in adult dating. I guess this is what will be included in the Adult Dating Patrol’s daily job tasks.

Saucy Dates switch site

Price Tag

It is true that this site is free. You won’t be annoyed by constant requests for upgrades or getting ripped-off by more expensive subscriptions than the initial promises. This is what you are going to get, too – no chat messages, no emailing, no winks, no profile views, no communication.

Busted or Trusted

We wouldn’t really put in the same basket with other adult dating services which use sophisticated methods to trick users. is another type of scam, and when you think about it, it may be the most advanced, as it tries to extract as much juice (read: money) as possible from user data by redirecting them to several other services at once. Whether this is a clever marketing trick or a huge scam – decide for yourself. What is sure is that you won’t find too many dating options on

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