How To Tell If An Escort Is Real

Overview: This article explains how to quickly assess situations and understand whether or not an escort is real or fake. This is especially important if you’re using escort websites. After reading this article, you should know what to do and when to do it if you do encounter a fake escort. I’ve done plenty of research and trust me, this explains everything and more!

Is The Escort Real or Fake? Here’s How You Can Tell!

Are scammers online getting worse? Around the world ten years ago, ad blockers seemed like a fancy extra. Your favorite YouTube star or blogger might have even complained about people using ad blockers.

But nowadays? A good ad blocker is necessary for most websites to work properly. That means scammers on the internet have had to become more clever with their fake “phishing” accounts. They offer goods but only if you give them your contact information. Then they flood you with lots of ads. One of their favorite targets is people looking for escorts.

How To Spot Fake Escorts

The first step in determining if an escort is real is looking for obvious signs of fakeness. One big sign is if an escort messages you out of the blue on a chat feature. For safety reasons, a real escort won’t contact you first. They wait for you to get in touch with them.

If they message you without you asking, they’re probably a bot. Another easy sign to spot is if the escort is listed in an ad that takes you to another website. Escorts or sex workers are picky about where they advertise. If an escort posts an ad on a website, it should link to their profile. If it takes you to another place, it’s a fake.

Less Clear Signs

A few signs suggest someone might be a fake escort, but they don’t prove it definitively. For example, if all the photos on their profile look professional, they might have taken them from another website. However, high-end escorts might have a few professional images on their profiles.

Another warning sign is if you recognize the girl from porn. Scammers like to use pictures of lesser-known porn stars and cam girls to create fake profiles. A good rule is that if the girl doesn’t mention doing porn scenes online, her ad is probably fake.

Here are other signs you need to be extra careful:

  • Avoid Unprofessionalism

    Be careful with escorts who don’t act professionally. Professional escorts will communicate well and show respect to all their customers. They will have appropriate pictures and descriptions on their social media platforms and websites with clear contact information. If the website looks unprofessional, don’t make an appointment.

  • Be Cautious of Requests for More Information

    If the conversation feels like an interrogation, it’s a sign that the person you’re talking to may be law enforcement pretending to be an escort. Legal escorts usually don’t ask for personal information or details about your appointment. So, watch out for those kinds of requests.

  • Be Careful if Your Escort Suggests Meeting in a Public Place

    While escorts may agree to meet in a public area initially for safety reasons, it’s still important to be cautious. Take your time to build trust with the escort before agreeing to meet in public. This could be a sign that the escort service is a setup by law enforcement to catch criminals.

The Real Thing

Studying fake profiles of sex work can help you avoid the worst scams, but it doesn’t mean every profile you find will be real. Some girls stop working as escorts but forget to remove their profiles. Some untrustworthy websites might also mix a few fake profiles with real ones to increase traffic or make the site seem more popular.

The good news is that these profiles rarely lead to scams if you notice obvious warning signs. You can contact them, but be cautious if their responses seem suspicious or if you have a strange gut feeling. For example, if a girl insists she’s waiting for a “friend” who hasn’t shown up yet, there’s a chance she plans to take your money and disappear. If something feels shady, it might be because it is shady.

Ways to Prevent Fake Escort Ads

Scenario 1: Stealing Emails and Credit Card Information

These ads aim to trick people into clicking on them and providing their personal information. They use attractive images of women to lure people in. Sometimes they use pictures of famous actresses, and other times, they use pictures of random beautiful women.

Once you click on the ad, they try to convince you to sign up and enter your credit card information by offering good deals and attractive prices. Doing this gives them access to your email, phone, or finances without realizing it.

To avoid these ads, check if they provide any contact information or a link to a legitimate business website. Scam ads usually don’t have this information. Also, be cautious about entering your credit card information on unfamiliar websites. If signing up for something unknown, think twice before sharing sensitive information.

Scenario 2: Falsely Exhibiting Escorts

This is a common scam in the escorting industry. It involves advertising attractive women in the ads, but when they finally send someone to your location, a different, less attractive woman appears. This can happen because the requested woman is unavailable, and they send someone else instead. Or, the company may use fake photos to deceive customers.

To avoid this scam, you can request the company send you a picture of the escort holding a paper with a specific text of your choice. Legitimate escort services should comply with this request, while fraudulent ones may refuse. If they refuse, it’s a clear sign that they don’t have the women they’re advertising.

Scenario 3: Getting Robbed

Signing up for the wrong escorting service can lead to a dangerous situation where you may be robbed. Two types of robberies can occur. In one case, the escort takes some of your belongings and runs away. This is rare because the agency can provide information about the escort. The other scenario involves the escort bringing her friends along to rob you.

It’s best not to invite unknown escorts directly to your place to avoid these issues. Instead, arrange meetings at their place first and get to know them before inviting them to your house. If that’s not possible, ask the escort or agency to provide a photo of the client or escort holding a sign in front of a camera. This way, you have evidence of the person’s appearance, which may deter them from attempting a robbery.


Before making an appointment with an escort, take all the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and safe experience. Research the laws in your area, screen the escort, pay, and watch for warning signs. Your safety is important, so consider these tips and enjoy them responsibly.


1. What should I do if I accidentally hire an undercover cop instead of an escort?

If you realize you’ve requested an undercover cop, end the situation immediately by stating that you’ve changed your mind and are no longer interested. Be cautious with your words, and avoid confirming or denying your intentions.

2. Can I get arrested for trying to meet an escort?

Yes, in most places, engaging in prostitution or soliciting sex is illegal and can lead to arrest and prosecution. Always research the local laws in your area and proceed with caution.

3. Will asking for an escort’s ID make me look suspicious?

No, it’s common for both parties to exchange identification to ensure legality and professionalism. Asking clients for an ID should be a normal part of the process. If the escort hesitates or refuses, it could be a red flag indicating they’re not legitimate.

Conclusion: You Don’t Need Escorts

Whether you’re using USA escort sites or international, you truly do not need to use escort sites if you don’t want to. In fact, I suggest that you not use escort websites and instead, spend time on casual sex networks like Fling and Instabang for true horny connections and matchups. Any other approach is silly.

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