How To Tell If A Female Coworker Likes You

Work relationships and hookups can be a tricky thing. They’re often hidden and trouble, but sometimes they are amazing! Today I’m covering some quick tips and tricks on how to tell if a coworker likes you. If you’ve never had sex with someone you work with, then you’re truly missing out. This article lays the foundation for what you need to know about hooking up with someone you punch the clock with!

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Ways To Tell If A Coworker Truly Likes You Enough To Hookup

There’s nothing better than finding out that a woman you happen to work with is into you. We all spend far too much of our lives at work. That means that if we have any hope of leading a good dating life, we have to be open to dating someone at work. It’s just the way that it is.

If you have a girl at work that you want to get to know a little bit better, you have to figure out if she likes you first. That requires a little bit of investigation from you. All you really have to do is pay attention to the things that she does and the way that she acts when she’s around you. If you can take the time to figure out her actions when she’s interacting with you then you might be able to find a girl at work who likes you.

She Enjoys Being Near You

The very first thing you have to do is figure out if she likes being around you. It doesn’t take a whole lot. You can tell a lot just by how someone acts when they get close to you.

If she goes out of her way to be near you, then you can be sure that she’s into you. If her entire mood brightens when you get close by, then she clearly likes your company.

On top of that, you can pay attention to whether or not she tries to touch you all of the time. If she’s always looking for excuses for physical contact, then you have someone who wants to get to know you a whole lot more. It’s also a dead giveaway if she mirrors your movements. That’s something that only an infatuated person is ever going to do.

How To Make Your Move

If you have a girl at work who likes you, then you have to make the first real move. Talk to her whenever you can. Offer to help her out with her work. Use your email and gossip with her.

One of the best things that you can ever do is buy her coffee. That’s going to let her know that you want to give her a whole lot more than caffeine.

While you’re doing all of this, make sure you’re complimenting her. Do that as much as you can and she’ll get the hint that you’re just as interested as she is.

Conclusion: Just Go For It

If you’ve paid attention to her and it seems like she’s into you, then just go for it. Be nice to her and use it as a chance to ask her out. The worst that can happen is her saying no. Then you just go back to exactly the same thing.

Just take the chance and go for it. If she ends up accepting your proposal, then you’ll have someone you can relate to both at work and at home and you can’t get much better than that.

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