No Chance of Getting a GF on Unless You Pay Your Dues is one of those dating sites with wonderful promises of hooking up with girls from other countries that end up in terrible consequences for your budget. The dating community on is namely made of Eastern European girls who are looking for Western gentlemen to find happiness in casual hookups and relationship success. However, when the bountiful options for taking your money show up, the prospects don’t look so golden.

Authenticity of

The testimonials on the home page seem very nice, but it is a huge question if they are real. Many dating marketing strategies involve this boastful method that has nothing to do with the truth. Some people just like to call this method – “lies.” So, it depends on what you like to call it, it can be this or that, but the end result will be the same.’s stories of all those international couples are far from reality. When you notice the video cam services or the chat service, you will start asking yourself some serious questions about the suspicious elements of

Why is a Fake Hookup App

Here are the key points for all risks you will encounter on

Suppliers are Extra Risky with Separate Rules

When you join one hookup site, you can read the Terms and Conditions to know what awaits you. These websites, though, work with many third-party suppliers that act independently with their own services or just use the platform to sell something else under the hoodwink of dating apps. How about looking for a casual girlfriend from abroad and finding a cam girl that eats tokens? Yes, that’s what I thought – you hate it!

foreigngirlfriend review

Video Chats and Cam Services Mix with Regular Profiles

So, here is how the above claim looks in practice. has a members’ area that includes a joint space for all girls – real or commercial. It is very tricky when you are a new member to tell the difference, especially if both the commercial services and the dating site use tokens, credits and other virtual currencies. 

ForeignGirlfriend site

Premium SMS Charges for Aussies

Not only you have to pay for expensive credits and chat cam rooms, but if you are an Australian customer, you can also get ripped off by SMS charges from premium subscription services:

Credits are Virtual Currencies for Ripping Users off

You can see more about the costs of the credits in the following section. The problem with credits is that you can never tell how much you’ve spent because there is no correlation between the number of chat messages and credits. Also, the price fo the credits can go up unannounced.

Price Tag

  • 1000 credits cost $199.99
  • 500 credits cost $135.99
  • 320 credits cost $92.99
  • 160 credits cost $47.99
  • 80 credits cost $27.99
  • 40 credits cost $14.99
  • 20 credits cost $7.99

Busted or Trusted?

So, what do you reckon – is there a chance to meet someone you like and date for casual relationships? Who knows, maybe 1% do succeed to meet a foreign partner. But, the percentage of people that actually suffer risky consequences is much greater, at least by judging from the activity on the site and the online reviews. Be my guest if you really want to spend 100$ to chatting up cam girls!

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