Reasons We Believe is not a Genuine Dating Site: Possible Scam Exposed

From time to time there comes a dating site that doesn’t belong to one of the huge false companies, so, it is not that easy to cut through the features immediately and make a conclusion that it is safe to date on that site. For example, seems quite unique and legit at first glance, even if the design is not that spectacular. However, the sharp eye of the team in Adult Dating Patrol doesn’t like having things slipping through the cracks, so we smell something fishy and would like to share the opinion we have on the features of

Authenticity of Erotilink Explained is one of those commercial dating services that sell their offer on the website and via specific mobile commercial channels, as well as from the App store. Normally, this sets confusing rules for users who don’t know what exactly is at stake because they can’t tell how much it will cost them to join the site via their desktop or via the mobile app, or just strictly via mobile access. We agree that the ‘Terms of Use’ do not provide sufficiently clear descriptions of the fees. You can’t tell the real costs!

Why is a Suspicious Hookup App

Most of the content on is related only to paid memberships. Here is how they do it:

2L Sells Only Payable Memberships

First of all, 2L Multimedia is a well-known scammer to Adult dating Patrol. That is probably the first and the best reason why uses dubious ways to charge you for the services. Then again, they renew the subscription automatically and send you temporary promotional offers which are changed when you least expect that:

Erotilink terms Mobile app Subscription

Watch at the last three sentences from the provisions of the mobile subscription. At the beginning, you get notified that the mobile subscription is an integrated part of the full service and that it includes the app and the site. Then, there is a separate provision about the problematic access from mobile that is isolated on the side:

Non-Secure Subscribing via FB Connect

Yes, your information will not be displayed on the Facebook timeline (thanks, Lord!), but that doesn’t mean that you get it all easy and that you are all safe. The suspicious moments of FB connections are always there, especially when you forget that you have provided access, and that happens often:

Extra Fees in the App Store

Now we come to the worst possible section that makes all previous section even more tricky. You can see that the App store has new membership and download rates which should not apply to the other mobile devices. So, do other users pay more? Having in mind the number of users that have iPhones, this is just a total rip-off!

Price Tag

  • $3.25 for a 3-day trial membership.
  • $37.99 for a 1-month Bronze subscription.
  • $37.99 for a 1-month Silver subscription.
  • $37.99 for a 1-month Gold subscription.

Busted or Trusted?

Mobile access, mobile subscription in general, desktop and laptop memberships and additional services you need to approve. Where exactly is the limit? No one can tell, and it seems that so many people have given feedback on this casual sex scam called that you can freely put it in the bad books compartment.

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