Works with Bogus Profiles and Imaginary Messages is a sophisticated domain name, but using nasty and lying rip-off tactics for users. It looks real and with a nice design and some simple but original design features, yet the documents on the site explains everything about the fake profiles and how they manipulate users into getting subscriptions. Let’s go and investigate what is going on


The fake profiles on called ‘Online Emissaries’ are not original they belong to other websites. This signifies that the site is a well-designed fraud that wants to rip-off your pockets and take your money. They use fancy names for the subscription, so you can get gold and silver memberships. If you believe that you’re getting into something special you’re really not seeing the full truth.

Why is a Fake Dating Website

It doesn’t take long to make this into what it is – a money extortion tool.

Beware the Fantasy Profiles!

The fantasy profiles serve only for entertainment purposes. By registering on the site you agree that you’re never going to meet any of them in person, that you know that you’re getting messages from them and that they can use the same profiles on several accounts will manipulating more users than one. Look at that! Their purpose is to experience enjoyment! What kind of enjoyment you’re going to have when you find out that you’ve been talking to a computer program?

By the way, if you tried to talk to them, you’ll never manage to send one message, you’ll have to upgrade to be able to talk to them doesn’t this tell you something

Messages from Computer Programs on

Aligned with the usual strategy of fraudulent dating websites, does exactly the same. Users sign in attracted by the section profile pictures or the sexy nude videos. They give details, enter the members’ area and start chatting hoping that they’re going to get laid. It soon becomes clear that you’re dealing only with online emissaries because all of the women there have this sign and there are no real profiles. Your inbox gets flooded with messages which are not like a normal communication. You get cut-out whenever you try to respond in a normal way.

Price Tag

  • Silver membership is $29.95 for a month and $19.98/month for 3 months
  • Gold membership that costs $34.95 for a month, $23.32 per month for 3 months and $12.50 a month for a full year

Busted or Trusted?

Just look at the length and the names of the memberships: gold and silver! This is a usual trick to think that you have several options to get a good service and a good offer. If there was only one membership then you could have hesitated. However, when there are two or three, you start thinking that you’re getting the better of several deals. This is a  typical marketing trick introduced on casual sex hookup sites. And only one of the ways to get fooled on

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