Did DiscreetWifeDating.com Pass The Fraud Test? Check Out Now

Did you look into some no-strings-attached dating for married people? Are you confused with the choice wondering which site is real and which is a fraud? If you are feeling overwhelmed and perplexed – it is no wonder. We here at Adult Dating Cop are always in awe of the number of sites that are cropping up day by day. Even more, by the number of sites that use fraudulent methods. DiscreetWifeDating.com was the main course on our plate for today. And – we didn’t get a savory meal, but a scam. Here is why we put DiscreetWifeDating.com among the fraudsters.


Many married people look into casual dating opportunities with other hooked wives or husbands because they feel a sense of boredom and satiety in their current marriages. In fact, open-end non-monogamous relationships are overtaking as the norm. Since many people spend time online, it is normal that many services for adult dating now exist only online. DiscreetWifeDating.com is intended to serve as a dating platform for married people. This doesn’t mean that you can only join if married, though. When you register, you can select options for both married and single people. Regardless of whether you are married or single, you can still get scammed. Here on DiscreetWifeDating.com, the scam is made with computer-created profiles and content that has no resemblance to the real stuff.

Why is DiscreetWifeDating.com A Fake Dating Website

A site that claims that is free, it is by no means so. On top of everything, you can have your privacy jeopardized. DiscreetWifeDating.com is a lost cause with no real chances of dating and no refunds

  • Third-party content is not guaranteed.

Any 3rd-party content provided is not within the control of LonelyCheatingWives, and is provided solely on a free, value-added basis. LonelyCheatingWives reserves the right to add, alter, or remove the 3rd-party content at any time, at its sole discretion.”

This above quote from the site actually states that the site has no control over what is linked or posted by any company that does not belong to the main one, and, at the same time, provides services to the site users. You may click a link and think that you are adhering to the site rules when in essence you are just a pawn in play for collecting personal information, clicking links and being a target for commercials.

  • The site engages “date helpers”

Fabricated profiles on this site are called date helpers. Fake bots, employees or third-party agents will “help” you find a date by sending you a constant stream of messages until you get hooked. This practice is recognized in the Terms of Use, for whoever has the time to read them. You should really be careful on adult dating sites, they perform some of the most awful and at the same time, insidious scams and rip-offs. Here is a quote from the ToU:

“You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious, and are associated with our date helpers. Our date helpers work for the site in an effort to stimulate conversation with users, in order to encourage further and broader participation in all of our site’s services, including the posting of additional information and/or pictures to the users’ profiles.”

Discreet Wife Dating date helpers

  • The refund policy is actually cancellation policy.

You know how your money on DiscreetWifeDating.com is going to be refunded? They are not going to be! If you read the refund policy in a bit more detail, you will see that there is no customer satisfaction policy and that you can only cancel the subscription, and not get the refund. So, this is a double scam. Calling the cancellation a refund is just playing with customers. And many may get angry when they discover what they are up to:Discreet Wife Dating screencap

Price Tag

  • $1.87 for a three-day trial version
  • $34.95 for a one-month membership

Busted or Trusted

DiscreetWifeDating.com is discreetly ripping you off. With fake promises of free hookup dates with attached women and using fake women as baits, this fraudulent service just plays the well-known game of getting your card details for an upgrade. You get only one monthly subscription option, and no cheaper promotions, and – a fake refund policy. We wouldn’t trust this adult dating tool for the same reasons we don’t trust many others that have busted on Adult Dating Patrol. Scammers don’t stand a chance  –  we unveil them instantly!

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  1. I couldn’t even create an account! Are you sure that this stuff works? I don’t want to get my credit card details stolen!


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