Citysweeties Review

Citysweeties is a dating website just for millennials who want to get laid. According to their site, City sweeties is the #1 destination for those that want sweet, easy, no-strings-attached dates.

This is one of the hottest dating sites right now and offers more than just your average dating site.

Citysweeties is an adult dating site that allows you to meet single local girls in your area. Meet new people in the sweet community.

Meet new singles in your city, and around the world. Find an soulmate, relationship, or just a new friend. City sweeties is a free online dating site for sweet people.

What is Citysweeties Dating Websites?

city sweeties review

Citysweeties is all about love. They connect people and build communities based upon common interests, hobbies, and desires.

This website is easy to use, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Best of all, it’s free. City sweeties is all about sharing a sweet life, introducing you to people you care about, and helping you build friendships that last a lifetime.

Citysweeties, like many dating websites, allows you to search for people in your area, who have similar thoughts and interests as you.

You can also use the search functionality to find people across the world, however, Citysweeties focuses more on meeting people from your own city or country. is a niche dating website that caters to women. It’s free to join and takes just a minute to sign up. After signing up, you’ll need to add photos and start creating your profile.

City sweeties website states that members can create their profile for one of three reasons: to make new friends, to find love, or to meet new people.

How does City Sweeties dating site work?

Trying to find love, or that special someone? Welcome to City Sweeties, the dating site for busy singles like you who want to meet people in their area who share similar interests. Signing up takes only minutes, and is free!

As soon as you sign up you’ll be matched with thousands of people in your area, so start browsing profiles and photos. City Sweeties has all kinds of members, ranging in ages, genders, and backgrounds

If you are single and you do not want to sit at home, go to the movies, or do something else boring, then City Sweeties dating site is the best option for you to find real people.

This site is specifically dedicated to anybody who are very serious about relationships. Every day, hundreds of women from around the world come to City Sweeties looking for love and to meet interesting men.

Signing up for a dating site is an online dating service, which has a lot of women signing up. The membership is totally free, however, to access other features and profile details, you need to sign up.

To create an account you need to enter the following contact details:


date of Birth

email address

Now, these provided details will be used to verify your identity.

The advantage and disadvantage of city sweeties dating sites

Advantage of city sweeties dating sites

City sweeties dating sites are becoming more and more popular, especially among urban folk. Why not? Such sites offer a lot of advantages, from finding someone that lives near you, to getting to make new friends, to finding out about new hobbies, to meeting that special someone.

A site like City Sweethearts, allows you to meet people by interest, location, and relationship status. Like traditional dating sites, City Sweethearts lets you narrow down your search using categories like ethnicity, occupation, and interests. And, of course, you can communicate using email and instant messaging, as well as video chat.

Disadvantage of city sweeties dating sites

The City Sweethearts program is intended to provide alternative options to dating in controversial areas or the community. Unfortunately, the program has come into question due to several incidents in which the program has exhibited sexist and racist behavior.

Online dating sites have made it easier to meet people, but if you’re in a city, then you may be a bit limited in your options since most people who have time to spend on online dating sites are people who are from rural areas. The disadvantages are that people from rural areas are harder to find and plus because they are from rural areas, they might not know about all the online services you can use to meet people, especially those who have busy work lives and don’t have time to do a lot, if not anything else.

The price of City sweeties online dating dating site costs are free but you can paid features and paid membership for more entertainment purposes. See if you can get a better deal by checking out some of the alternative dating websites in our comparison chart.

To enjoy all features, you have to register at dating site. There is a free trial period for membership. But, you have to pay $69.99 per month to enjoy all membership features. Other option is using coin plan. Coin-Plan is the best full featured plan billing solution for any dating or social network service. It offers full featured membership management features such as unlimited membership plans, profiles, messages, groups, etc.

How can I register on City Sweeties?

City Sweeties is an app that helps you find and date other people who love sweets as much as you do. After you download the app using your mobile phones, you can sign up, create a profile, and browse profiles to find hot locals you’d love to meet face-to-face or have physical contact and even have a casual dates. When you find what you’re looking for, you can drop by their profile, send them a Crush (a virtual kiss), and message them via their profile, a registered members can enjoy the online dating services in city sweeties because of unique features and fully responsive web design than other dating sites.

How to delete City Sweeties profile?

Deleting a city sweeties profile is easy. Deleting a city sweeties account requires confirmation. Here’s how to delete a city sweeties account.

-Go to, then sign into your account.

-From the dashboard, click the gear on the top right corner, then Settings and privacy.

– Scroll down to the Delete account section.

-Click the delete button. Once confirmed, you will no longer have access to your profile and photos.

City Sweeties Real life review

So, my cousin, told me about this dating app called City Sweeties. She claimed to me it was the best dating app around. However, I was skeptical. Well, after using it for the past couple of weeks, I can say, not only was she right, the dating app is actually fantastic!

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