Makes it All Clear in the T&C: Scam Exposed

For lovers of BBW ladies, sites such as can be a real treasure if they are original and authentic. If, however, all you find on these sites is a legion of fake profiles and super-expensive memberships that don’t lead anywhere, you are in for a foul deal. Especially if you are dealing with one of the sites created by Nautell, you have no chance of getting a straightforward service. They’ve been known far and wide for their dishonest adult dating tactics, and here we see one more proof of that!


Here is an excerpt to have a visual proof of the association with Nautell. They do state it as it is, but only if people are willing to read their documents. There have been so many fake casual hookup sites created by this same company, that they deserve a special page for them, if not one post in which we will list most of their scams:

Welcome to Bbwcheaters, an entertainment and social networking site operated by Nautell Capital Limited (“Bbwcheaters”). By using the Bbwcheaters Website (the “Website”) you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use (this “Agreement”), whether or not you register as a member (“Member”). If you wish to become a Member and make use of the Bbwcheaters service (the “Service”), you will need to submit a registration form.

They work with websites and with apps, have that in mind when you are thinking of getting yourself a membership.

Why is a Fake Hookup Service

if you are a regular follower or registrant of adult dating websites then you are most likely aware that many of the fakers use one widely accepted and prevailing scam method – fabricated profiles. They give them varied names and sometimes organize them independently or via third-party providers. Regardless of the name extravaganza, they still perform the same functions. Their first main task is to populate the member’s area. Then, they start with their “entertainment” part of the job description. This part usually includes sending zillion of fake chat messages.

Love Stars Are no Real Persons

Please be aware there is no chance for you to ever meet one of these girls. The photos are fake, and even if they are managed by real employees, they do it for more than one profile at once and don’t do dates. On the other hand, if they are bots, they are not even always offered by and the Terms of Use on this site don’t count – it’s in them! Uses a Network of Scam Websites

In line with the typical strategy of Nautell, as well as of many other bogus meetup providers, you are automatically becoming a member of more than one website when you register. Namely – for your own good!

Specifically you agree and acknowledge that your profile and related information and content may be utilized and displayed on other sites which are owned by related companies or authorized services providers (“Network websites”).

Then, we wonder, how come that you need to pay for any SMS costs in reference to those sites or sell your data to the rest of the members of the network? 

You are fully responsible for all costs associated with the above communications such as for example the costs of SMS text messages.

Price Tag charges extra costs if you are not careful!!! It’s below the main payment screen and the total monthly costs can include the following in the total amount of $113.48 per month.

  • fees are extra $39.61
  • charges are extra $28.87

Busted or Trusted? is, by all means, one huge scam, and as it is the usual work with all Nautell sites, a pretty raw deal for newbies who have never noticed how this company pulls of its nasty surprises. Prepare for some more to come, and we will for sure stay on their heels to handle everything that is going on!

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