Missionary Sex Position

When it comes to sex positions, there’s one that stands out above the rest: the missionary position. It’s classic, it’s comfortable, and it’s a favorite of couples all over the world. But what exactly is the missionary position, and how can you make the most of it? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the ins and outs of this popular position.

What Is the Missionary Position?

The missionary position is a sexual position in which the receptive partner lies on their back with their legs spread apart, while the penetrating partner lies on top of them, facing them. It’s called the “missionary” position because it was traditionally associated with Christian missionaries who were said to have used it for procreative purposes.

How to Get Into the Missionary Position

To get into the missionary position, the receptive partner should lie on their back with their legs spread apart. The penetrating partner should then straddle them, positioning their body between the receptive partner’s legs. They can then enter the receptive partner’s vagina or anus from this position.

Pros and Cons of the Missionary Position

Like any sexual position, the missionary position has its pros and cons. Some of the pros of this position include its intimacy, the ease of eye contact, and the ability to kiss and touch your partner’s body. Some of the cons include the potential for discomfort or boredom, the lack of variety, and the fact that it may not stimulate the clitoris as effectively as other positions.

Variations on the Missionary Position

While the basic missionary position is a popular choice, there are also a variety of variations that can spice things up.

Some of these variations include:

The Elevated Missionary: In this variation, the receptive partner places a pillow or cushion under their hips to elevate their pelvis, allowing for deeper penetration and a different angle of entry. –

The Wide-Legged Missionary: This variation involves the receptive partner spreading their legs wider than usual, allowing for deeper penetration and increased stimulation.

The Scissors Missionary: In this variation, the penetrating partner crosses one leg over the other, creating a scissoring motion that can be especially pleasurable for the receptive partner.

Tips for Making the Most of the Missionary Position

If you’re a fan of the missionary position, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to make it even better.

Some of these tips include: -Experiment with different angles and positions to find what works best for you and your partner.


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