6 Mind-Numbing Facts About DoUWantMe.com’s Adult Dating Scam

Hooking up is a great fun over the weekend, especially if you find the cutest girl on one of the best hookup sites. If that’s what you are looking for, do not look for your opportunity for one night stands on DoUWantMe.com. Although it looks as good as it gets, the essence is not that nice. If you are using this fake adult dating site for hookups, you are throwing a serious dice over your casual dating destiny in the near future, because you will get scammed


Is DoUWantMe.com really such an exceptional place for finding local singles? First of all, don’t get your hopes too high, as it belongs to the Together Networks, which mans that there is a 100% risk to turn out in a scam. Here is what is on offer on this hookup site:

  1. Register for free
  2. Best local dating site
  3. Chat rooms for singles who like one-night stands
  4. 24/7 private chat
  5. Fun messaging techniques
  6. Matchmaking tools, such as winks
  7. Custom messages: Flirtcasts

Why is DoUWantMe.com a Casual Sex Fraud

Below we have listed six valuable facts that will help you stay away or make your own decision about the genuine aspects of DoUWantMe.com:

Fact #1

This hookup site uses virtual profiles called “Staff Profiles” which are fabricated profiles or computer-created bots which serve to promote the site, monitor the content and engage customers. So, all those nice and sexy pictures are not associated with real women but are fake pics which lure you in to spend more time on the site or get a subscription.

DoUWantMe staff profiles


You may communicate via SMS by paid messages. Be careful if you get a package because you may be charged extra than the basic membership deals. Moreover, this offer can be subject to totally different terms and conditions as it is not provided by the main company.

DoUWantMe SMS messages

Fact #3

The subscriptions are renewed on an automatic basis. This means that if you are forgetful, you will pay the full monthly fee for a trial you forgot to cancel.

DoUWantMe renewal

Fact #4

Members are not checked for security. Additionally, the site does not provide extra support in case of troubling security issues.

DoUWantMe member checks

Fact #5

The hookup site DoUWantMe.com sells date boosters to free, as well as to paid customers. Get ready to be pestered with numerous emails, texts and chats to subscribe, purchase and upgrade under the guise that your dating prospects will improve and that you will get more casual sex.

DoUWantMe date boosters

Fact #6

The “Staff Profiles” send activity alerts. These are communication packages with previously set content that resemble real chats and texts with real persons, but they most definitely not real.

DoUWantMe alerts

Price Tag

  • Three-day trial is $4.98
  • One-month use is $34.99
  • Three-month use is $59.97
  • Six-month use is $95.94

Busted or Trusted?

It is out of the question to expect great dates, one-night stands, or NSA hookups on DoUWantMe.com. You are guaranteed to get a one-month credit card scam because your basic subscription for a trial will be renewed for a full-month cost. DoUWantMe.com is tirelessly promoting its business and selling you what you don’t need. The least cool option of all fraudulent adult dating sites!

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