Is Any Good for Adult Dating? Read This and Make Your Verdict

Why not have a simple way of doing booty calls, you would think? seems truly legit until you start exploring the site in more details. At the beginning, it looks like it really has a special search mechanism that can help you find the perfect sex date for you. It opens up with a perfect piece of booty in a thong set next to the signup screen where you need to provide matching information.


Albeit it may seem that is the perfect site for meeting some friends with benefits the prospects of finding someone to date on this unsafe site are next to poor. That amazing booty on the front page may enchant you so that you don’t pay attention what is actually behind it. After signup, most of the tricks used by Booty become obvious. is made in a similar way to popular social media, but it so full of advertisements, that it is clear that you are only a target of third-party partners that try to sell you something.

Why is Untrustworthy?

  • Using this site can have adverse effects on your privacy.

From T&C it is obvious that they cannot control privacy and security, and they state that clearly. They don’t provide any information about things you post neither take the obligation to be careful how they work with other collaborators: Site Quote #1:

We cannot ensure the security or privacy of information you provide through the Internet, or otherwise, and through your email or other messages; you release us from any and all liability in connection with the breach of the security of such information and/or messages and with respect to the use of such information by other parties Site Quote #2

We are not responsible for, and cannot control, the use of any information, by anyone, which you provide to any other parties or the Service and you should use caution in selecting the personal information you provide to others through the Service” Site Quote #3

We cannot assume any responsibility for the content of any message sent by any user on the Service, and you release us from any and all liability in connection with the content(s) of any communication(s) you may receive from other users.”

  • The site monitors your information.

Even with all this account control and monitoring, still doesn’t manage to find a way to secure how users deal with each other and with third parties. This is just a sign that the only purpose of obtaining your information is with the intention of sending you commercials:

Booty Matches monitoring

  • Google returns poor customer reviews.

On top of everything faulty that we discovered with Adult Dating Patrol’s checkup, it seems that others have found even more reasons to worry about subscriptions on Here is a screenshot from a review conducted by other reputable sources:Booty Matches reviews

  • uses dozens of pop-up commercials.

Instead of reaching someone to date, you will find countless links to cam sites and dating advice sites. These sites are not free. Moreover, dating advice sites often contain expensive questionable products and are not in the best interest of the customers.

Price Tag

  • 6-Month subscription for $14.99 billed every six months
  • 3-Month membership for $19.99 billed every three months
  • 1-month subscription for $29.99 billed every month

Busted or Trusted

While we didn’t discover direct evidence of false profiles, some of the other reviewers did. When this circumstance shows up, it is almost like we don’t need any further persuasion. However, when this is a proof gathered by someone else, we usually leave our readers to reach the final verdict.

If you look at the commercial campaigning, you will perform a quick run from Booty The poorly developed interface is not user-friendly and puts ads center-stage. They take a large part of the screen and complicate communication features. Finally, the subscription is just too much for so little.

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