Good preparation results in getting the business half-done. This is nowhere more true in the bootycall world. When getting laid is in question, you don’t want to be a brick short of the load. This is what you should do to stay on top of the game when an opportunity arises – stack your car!

You wouldn’t want to be one of those guys that who is riding on a road that doesn’t meet the driveway as far as bootycalls are concerned, would you? Is there a better place to keep a stack of the necessities than in your car? If you are prepared, whenever a chance to get laid appears, you don’t need to get all in the works and lose your cool. Staying prepared will help you never miss a chance for hooking up.


A good stack will keep the plan going and your bootycall machine well-oiled. To keep in running, here is what you should always have in your car:

1.Pack of condoms.

Condoms increase our chances of getting laid. No matter how hard you try to keep it playing without condoms, there are chicks that just don’t want to get laid until you put on a condom. This should be a no-brainer. It is cheap, it is available and it doesn’t take that much space in your car. So, focus and land that bootycall by taking out a condom when one is required.

2.Some cash.

Okay, while I admit that it is not a great idea to keep a lot of cash in your car, you can always find ways to keep it neatly rolled and under cover, so that you can use it for the bootycall expenses, instead of getting it out in the open and offering as a bait for having your car robbed. Think smart – I am sure you can think of secret places and compartments in your car that are not obvious for passers-by.

3.Grooming pack.

You need to stay in good looks, clean and fresh if you don’t want to end up that bootycall on a bad note. Do you want to miss on getting laid only because you were not attentive enough to keep yourself presentable? A grooming pack can include some deodorant, some paper or wet wipes and some underwear. You can even place a box of mints or chewing gum in the mix, and add a hair-trimmer. A pair of scissors will do if things have got really urgent hair-wise. Viagra doesn’t hurt either!

4.Couple of glasses and some hard stuff.

That doesn’t mean that you should keep an open bottle in the passenger compartment and risk getting caught and charged with an offense you would not want to have on your record. But, a drink can definitely create a relaxed atmosphere around the bootycall session and bring yourself and the girl in the right mood. Who knows if you are ever going to find a bar nearby when an opportunity arises? And who is going to go looking for an open bar during the day? Sometimes. Those two glasses can be the real bootycall deal-breaker.

5.Extra smartphone charger or a power bank.

I don’t think that it is necessary to explain the importance of a well-charged smartphone for realizing a bootycall arranged from a hookup site. Keeping it charged while you are on the go may be impossible, but if you are prepared in your vehicle, you can easily swipe, search and check your messages while you are waiting on lights. It is even more important if you are using several hookup apps at the same time, because they eat your battery away faster.

Although the five items on the list seem like a pretty standard equipment for a bootycall, you won’t believe how many guys actually forget to keep the car stack loaded and miss on getting laid with beautiful women they have met on adult dating sites. Just lay the groundwork by keeping this five essentials ready, and you are basically all done. Of course, there are always more items to add on the list if you are high-maintenance, but I suggest you’d skip that and concentrate on visiting the right hookup sites.