WildBuddies.com or a Wild Ride: Will You Get What You Paid For?

One of the key problems with WildBuddies.com is that it requires from its members to be single to join, which is a pretty weird requirement when one considers the nature of adult dating, where most of the people do not care about serious or long-term relationships and don’t want to give justifications about their choices in their sex lives. However, even if this is a unique problem, it is certainly not the only one on WildBuddies.com, where you will have to deal with multiple marketing quotes, cam promotions and extra payments for SMS services.


For some of you, it may be enough to mention that we are dealing with one of the websites that belong to Together Networks, and you may know that you are in front of a serious fraudster with multiple sites using the same methods. Let‘s see the offer on WildBuddies.com and how they pull off the scammy tricks on their customers. Here is a selection of “truth” versus “lie” statements made by WildBuddies.com:

  • Chat with singles in special rooms versus webcam room promos
  • Free registering versus full expensive memberships
  • Safe & convenient site versus duplicate profiles and personal security responsibility

Please be careful when you browse this extremely expensive site with multiple rip-off tricks, and here is why:

Why is WildBuddies.com a Fake Dating Service

  • WildBuddies.com is just a fresh copy of all other Together Network sites.

The company works with multiple sites that have almost all features in common, a similar interface, a similar design, and what is even more important – the same profiles from users copied on all partnering sites to make new members think that they are entering a site that’s full of great dating prospects. If you follow the other reviews made for services related to Together Networks (and the rest of the affiliated companies from the same holding) you will turn into a pro for all things related to how the work:

  • You need to pay extra for SMS services.

Do you want to pay extra fees for sending an SMS? And how about the fact that the additional fees for the texting are non-refundable? Not only you need to pay for a service that comes for free on other providers but you also get that product excluded from the regular offer and managed under specific provisions which have nothing to do with the main site:

Wild Buddies SMS feature:

  • Member profiles stay on the site when the subscription is off.

The reason that this might become a problem is because it creates confusion about the number of active members – you can try to communicate with members that have not visited the site for ages, and on top of that – you can have your privacy put at risk. If your data stays on the site, along with your profile and your photos, it becomes the property of WildBuddies.com, they can do whatever they want with it and use your data across the network even when you have pulled away from the world of adult dating:

Wild Buddies active membership1

  • WildBuddies.com offers promo messages for users.

The issue with the promo messages is that is a custom-generated content that can be sent to multiple users at once. You can get it as a promo and as a free service but later understand that you must upgrade to a premium membership only because the promo has topped or is no longer valid. The site can even use virtual profiles that send these messages and fill your inbox with copycat texts that they send to multiple users at once as a cajoling tactic for quicker upgrades:

  • WildBuddies.com sells cam services.

Cam rooms are a part of the deal and they are enmeshed in the offer. In fact, cam girl profiles are all over the site and often, it is hard to tell which of the pictures belongs to a real girl, and which picture belongs to a cam room chick is. Yes, it is true that you can notice a description if you pay more attention, but if you are just an average user of an adult dating site, you will not give all your time and effort to deciphering which is a genuine girl. In any case, I believe that this is just a trick to make you fall into the trap of paying for cam services, on top of the basic membership:

Price Tag

  • 3-day trial is $4.47
  • 1-month subscription is $34.99
  • 3-month subscription is $59.99
  • 6-month subscription is $95.94

Busted or Trusted

So, what you reckon of WildBuddies.com? You will be taken for a wild ride but not in the sense you expect from an adult dating provider – especially if you consider the third-party providers which offer messages, marketing and cam services for which the site bears no responsibility. When this is the scenario, it is best to think of taking responsibility on time and up front and secure your data and your credit card by avoiding Wild Buddies altogether!

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