Everything That is Wrong With XMilfs.com & Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Chances

XMilfs.com screencap

Investigating XMilfs.com didn’t take much time. Once we encounter the fantasy cuties, we know what’s the business. This is one well-known and well-established online dating scam, typically involving the “X” prefix and the computer-created profiles with multiple payment methods. Let’s see what is new and what is old in their tricks. Authenticity Have a look at this … Read more

Scam Review: iHeartBreaker.com Has Fantasy Cuties Instead of Real Women

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Do you like dating good-looking people? Most people fall for that, so if you are among those, you are just like regular people and have good chances to fall for a scam like the one with iHeartBreaker.com. The case in point is that you will find so hot people here that some of them will … Read more

LonelyWifeHookup.com Hides Behind LocalSexToday.com & You Are Not Getting Laid

LocalSexToday.com screencap

This has become a standard practice of scamming adult dating sites.  They make one website, then play with the homepage and the design of the features to trick you into thinking you are having it in original. However, as you can see from the review of LocalSexToday.com, sometimes the copy is so identical that you … Read more

Dating App Review: How to Skip the Trap Set by Virtual Profiles on LocalMilf.com

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LocalMilf.com takes it further in the world of online dating scams as it uses more than one well-known method to scam people. We reviewed the site features in detail and found many problems around them. First of all, again we are dealing with the awful “fantasy cuties” which are nothing else but bots. If this … Read more

5 Signs You Shouldn’t Use MilfBBWs.com for a Hookup Date

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You could have had the best of the two worlds of milfs and big beautiful girls – only if MilfBBWs.com were real! However, by closely examining the features offered by this adult hookups service, we unveiled plenty of false elements that should not be trusted as a part of a genuine hookup service for one-night-stands. … Read more

The Most Accurate Complaints We’ve Heard About MrAndMissBlack.com

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Finding a new rich resource for dating black people is awesome. What’s not so spectacular, though, is finding out that the offer is a full-blown scam. MrandMissBlack.com deploys all scam techniques used by the average false hookup site and wraps them up in a nice package for black people. However, complaints do pile up and … Read more

WifeAffairPersonal.com is Just a Spam Site Behind LonelyWifeHookup.com

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Today’s investigation reveals a nasty scam which uses only one cheap homepage with an original name that takes you straight to the database of LonelyWifeHookup.com. Casual sex sites are a great catch and a fertile ground for scammers. This one is just a basic copy which is not even inventive or a big investment. You … Read more

How the Worst MilfAddicts.com Scam of All Time Could Have Been Prevented

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Addiction can be a sweet thing but only if you are addicted to something healthy. Unfortunately, most addictions result in poor consequences> So, even if I advise that you have a healthy addiction to hot milfs I don’t recommend meeting your desires on MilfAddicts.com. The only thing you are going to get addicted on MilfAddicts.com … Read more