Escort Agency Red Velvet Review: The Real Truth

Escort Agency Red Velvet screenshot

This Wollongong escort agency has a ton of problems right from the start. Even if you’re an experienced user of dating websites you will notice the lack of content on this service. We’ve already presented a couple of other reviews about escort agencies and escort directories in Australia. But this is a specific content for … Read more

Flawless Escorts Review: Not Worth The Risk!

Flawless Escorts review screenshot

I’m not surprised to see that most of the escort girls here come from the Bangkok region. What is Thailand famous for? If you want to search escort girls of this Australian escort agency by location you can find all locations that are close to the “down under” continent – New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, … Read more

100 Escorts Review: Bargain Escorts in London’s Whereabouts

100 Escorts Review screenshot

Thanks to the cool London vibe about escort services, agencies in the UK capital proliferate like mushrooms after the rain. Just make one search on the internet and you find thousands of websites about individual escorts. However, girls working alone is only one side of the story. There are plenty of escort agencies who do … Read more

Bonjour Escort Review

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This small agency is about premium escort services in Paris. Paris has that all-time romantic vibe and escort agencies use it to advertise total girlfriend experiences. Having in mind that the site is underdeveloped, there is not much content and that the number of girls is really limited, I doubt that you will have a … Read more

Lollipop Escorts Review: A Wannabe Las Vegas Backpage Replacement?

Lollipop Escorts Review

My doubts about escorts sites usually involve two elements. The first is to check whether the site is at all real. The second is to see how much you have the chance to get laid even if you decide to pay the expensive money these sites ask for. Naturally, I’m always in favor of free … Read more

Shecky’s Review: A Utica And Las Vegas Escort Platform Or Bust! #TruthHurts

Shecky's Review

If it wasn’t for the annoying warning banner, (you know –  the one that warns you about the age) I would have been quite happy with the Shecky’s escort website. It’s a cool website, although it looks fairly new. However, I wonder how genuine it is. From what I’ve discovered on my tour, I don’t … Read more

Valentine Escort Review: The Malaysia-Based Agency (Full Report)

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This is an escort agency in Kuala Lumpur and at least it doesn’t hide its true colors. Okay, only partially! It seems that by hiring a girl you’ll get not only a blowjob, but also a part-time lover! S this what you are looking for? Most of my followers want to have great sex. They … Read more

Playa Escorts Review

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They call it the Pleasure Palace. It’s the number one service for Playa del Carmen escorts. The popular beach resort has been known as sex heaven for a very long time. People go there for vacations but also the visit the famous Mexican brothels (in Cancun and other places). Those scary stories you see in … Read more

Catwalk Model Escorts Review

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if you belong or if you think that you belong to the successful elite then this review is for you. Many businessmen often get associated with models. This site is no different. It actually carries the tag “For the successful elite.” That’s how we hear stories of scams and frauds in the newspapers. Business people … Read more

Escortella Review

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This Escortella review is about Frankfurt escort agencies. Since this escort agency office international services, I thought it would be useful to review it and help my followers know what to expect. you won’t find the girls only in flat boots or the rest of the 5 German cities. The travel and offer outcall services. … Read more